Quantum Dots / Borderless Opportunity For 8K Yuan Year Surface Stagnation Of OLED Stability

Quantum Dots / Borderless Opportunity For 8K Yuan Year Surface Stagnation Of OLED Stability

Jan 04, 2018

According to group intelligence consulting (Sigmaintell), the shipment volume of the TV panel in the world is basically maintained at 261 million units in 2018, but the rapid growth of large size panel market demand will drive the average size to grow by 1.7 inches, thus driving the demand area to grow 7.6% over the same period. At the same time, the machine manufacturer also actively planned the layout of large size products in 2018. The average size of the global TV machine grew to 44.8 inches, up 1.5 sizes.

From the technical point of view, relative to the mobile terminal market, the technological innovation of TV market in recent years has been quite small. Group intelligence consulting (Sigmaintell) believes that the technology of TV market in 2018 is still based on the "quality and appearance" as the main axis, showing a pluralistic trend. 4K is accelerating popularity. 8K is ushering in opportunities for development. Quantum dots, frameless and large size products will usher in a rapid growth.

Road map of TV panel technology development in 2017~2018


  1.  Picture

Resolution: open 8K year

Whether it is LCD or OLED display products, improving the quality of painting has always been the core focus of product development. TV products through various means to improve the quality of painting, especially the continuous promotion of resolution, experienced from HD to FHD to the popularity of the 4K. According to Sigmaintell data, the number of shipments of the global 4K LCD panel in 2017 reached 92 million, and the permeability was up to 35.3%. By 2018, the shipments of the 4K TV panel in the world are expected to be 116 million, and the permeability is up to 44.5%. 55, "over 90% of the large-size panel market, the penetration of the 4K panel has exceeded 90%. In the future 43" ~50 "and so on, the permeability of the size section of the panel will still have much room for improvement.

4K will be widely popularized in the large and medium-sized market, and 8K will be the next battleground for the panel manufacturers to compete. It will be subject to the ability of eye recognition. 8K products will mainly focus on 65 or more large market.

2018 panel factory 8K LCD TV panel product planning


Sigmaintell is expected to open the first year of 8K TV in 2018, and will accelerate penetration after 2019. It is estimated that the shipment size of 8K panels will reach 9 million units in 2022, and the penetration will increase to 3.5%. It is mainly based on the following five reasons:

First, the 8K Soc solution in 2018 will gradually realize the supply of mass production so that the whole TV can achieve a real sense of 8K.

Second, more and more G10.5 will usher in mass production, providing basic capacity guarantee for 65 or more large size panels. With the volume of large size, it will also drive the growth of 8K shipments.

Third, the whole plant is also actively planning and layout, the Sharp brand has released its 8K product in 2017, and Samsung Electronics will also promote 8K in 2018.

Fourth, the content of 8K to accelerate the layout, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will be broadcast by 8K content, the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is also planning by 8K content broadcast by all regions of the world will accelerate the layout of the 8K content of international events.

Fifth, the mobile operators in mainland China and other areas are actively planning the 5G network business, and more strongly support the transmission and operation of 8K content.

2017~2022 global 4K&8K LCD TV panel shipments and permeability trends (unit: million,%)


2. QD TV continues to grow at a high speed

On the one hand, the traditional QD backlight module uses the quantum dot film (QD Film) instead of the diffuser sheet in the original TV backlight, greatly improving the display color gamut of TV to more than 100%, which greatly compensate for the natural inadequacy of LED backlight on the gamut. With the TV industry to OQ film materials monopoly was gradually broken, more and more China manufacturers began to participate in, and the decline in the cost of the work has achieved initial success, according to the Chilean Consulting Group (Sigmaintell) is expected in 2018 QD film, the price will drop to 20% the left and right;

On the other hand, the 2018 Samsung (SDC) will actively launch new QD products, including QD Glass and QD Pixel, of which QD Glass is about to usher in the production, design of QD Glass, the vendor of the quantum dot materials directly to coating in LGP, to achieve the perfect picture, also can realize ultra-thin design. On the premise of no significant increase in cost, brand makers will be more diversified in the choice of QD products.

In addition to the continuous promotion of technological innovation and abundant resources by the panel makers, the Samsung TCL is also gradually formed in the whole terminal. Chinese brand QD and Hisense also actively layout the TVs. Samsung Electronics has been promoting QD TV in the high-end product market from 2017, and in 2018, QD TV is also the most important product layout. The positive promotion of the mainstream manufacturers led to the rapid growth of QD TV's Shipping Scale and permeability. According to Sigmaintell data, the number of global QD TV shipments in 2017 reached 7 million 300 thousand, and compared with almost double growth in 2016. It is estimated that by 2018, with the active promotion of brand active strategy, the shipment of QD TV will continue to grow rapidly. The number of shipments is expected to reach 14 million 300 thousand units, and the penetration rate will be increased to 6%.

2015~2018 global QD LCD television shipments and permeability trends (unit: million,%)