Samsung And Apple Signed 2-year OLED Screen Contract

Samsung And Apple Signed 2-year OLED Screen Contract

Apr 10, 2017

April 9, according to foreign media reports, Apple has signed a two-year contract with Samsung monitors, Samsung will provide a surface OLED screen for the iphone, a large single value of 9 billion (10 trillion won).


According to the agreement, Samsung monitors will ship to Apple 70 million to 92 million OLED panels in 2017. Considering that Apple's current iphone shipments are about 200 million per cent annually, this means that about 30% of the iphone shipped this year will be equipped with a curved OLED panel

Previous News said Samsung showed that the company plans to invest 8.9 billion dollars this year to expand the OLED screen production line, and Apple has added a value of 5 trillion won 60 million OLED panels (a total of 1) to Samsung. 600 million orders. Now Apple and Samsung OLED panel cooperation has a new progress, iPhone8 with the OLED screen also dust settles.