Samsung, Apple And HUAWEI, Who Is The Winner Of OLED Technology

Samsung, Apple And HUAWEI, Who Is The Winner Of OLED Technology

Mar 29, 2017

As people have the good and the evil, the rich and the poor, enterprises also have their own characteristics, different personality, different behavior. Or gentle, such as Meizu, has always been loyal to the Media Tek; or ambitious, such as HUAWEI, in the setbacks in the progress of sharpening; but to ask what is the most powerful mobile phone circle? Many people believe that the answer will be surprisingly consistent: Samsung.

On the screen, Samsung monopoly of more than 90% of the global market OLED screen supply. On the other hand, Samsung once stopped supplying this screen, a big wave of domestic mobile phone brands will suffer. This is not sensational, as early as 6 years ago, Samsung will be under the "AMOLED capacity" grounds off for in the market selling flagship HTC Desire, have the mobile phone screen into SONY SLCD, the brilliant moments of HTC as can be imagined, the brake; and after a period of time, in addition to NOKIA the flagship machine, the market always seen by the AMOLED screen Samsung mobile phone.

Shortly before the advent of the HUAWEI Mate9 Pro out of stock event, do not leave Samsung behind the flames. As we all know, Samsung and HUAWEI's competition, Samsung although expensive for the first in the world, but HUAWEI mobile phone sales rising in recent years, the best-selling products in the high-end market oyf, also be promoted step by step, and has the potential of Mate9 and Samsung meet as equals, Pro, is a useful tool for HUAWEI to further open the high-end market. However, HUAWEI is getting better and better, Samsung's cake is less and less. As a result, due to the limited supply of production, HUAWEI Mate9 OLED screen is facing the risk of interruption, which is a Pro version of a spate of shortages, which is not the contribution of Samsung do?

Samsung and HUAWEI belong to the Android camp, the competition is undoubtedly more intense, but if the opponent is the Apple of IOS camp?

We can't imagine, but the strength and weight of Apple, Samsung is not easy to contend with. This is not, Apple decided to go on the Samsung iPhone8 ship.

About Apple iPhone 8 before the true mingled with the false news everywhere, but there is one thing for sure is that iPhone 8 has been determined using the OLED screen, and apple in order to join the 3D Touch function on the screen, a touch sensor layer covering on the OLED screen. Of course, this is not the focus, the focus is apple in order to ensure the initial supply of new iPhone, but also began a large-scale procurement of spare parts, which naturally become the most important OLED screen. Apple is expected to receive from Samsung Display 75 million OLED screen, accounting for 14% of global OLED screen output. The remaining part by Samsung's own digestion, a part to be like Wu of the domestic mobile phone manufacturers.

Make money by selling screen, make money by selling mobile phone, mobile phone screen sold to competitors, sold to rival Samsung's stronghold, this is a way of earning money for Samsung!

We can imagine, for Apple's strength and reputation, in any case, Samsung is not afraid of breaking the apple. But Apple also had to make some compromises, from its abandonment of LCD turned to OLED and pointed out that the supply of Samsung, which in itself is a compromise. However, what is the strength of Samsung dare to be so strong and dynamic to break off for other coopetative partners?

In fact, general company cann't catch up with the Samsung Empire, in many ways, Samsung have grabbed the domestic throat: on the screen, the Samsung Amoled screen is the mainstream, can in fact be curved screen folding is Samsung's housekeeping magic. Up to the high-end flagship machine, down to thousands of machines, there is no shortage of Samsung's A screen, many manufacturers are proud of this, to show off. Just a screen shipments, Samsung profit tens of billions. In addition, in memory, the processor, Samsung also occupy a monopoly position, the domestic mobile phone brand to good use of accessories, the first hurdle is to Samsung to pay "tuition fees": Meizu on the Samsung Exynos 8890, there is no shortage of Samsung worg; OPPO, vivo sold, also free not to pay Samsung; even as strong as HUAWEI, A screen also had more or less dependent on Samsung home, thus the monopoly of the strong, rich profit!