Samsung Dominate The Global Market For Small And Medium Size OLED

Samsung Dominate The Global Market For Small And Medium Size OLED

Mar 03, 2017

Since it's said that Apple will use OLED panel for iPhone series of new machines in 2018, becoming a hot topic among global panel industries. The photoelectric technology industry association (PIDA) said, including South Korea and Japan, and the Taiwan continental panel factory whether publicly or privately have said it will raise a small size OLED panel production line, which of course especially in South Korea's most powerful Samsung display factory; factory to land as the representative with the BOE official capital investment OLED panel production line. Japan; factory JDI was performed with an "intellectual property license"; Taiwan factory to Hon Hai SHARP camp as the main observation point, the panel factory production plan appears one by one.

According to the survey of IHS,  the global small and medium size OLED panel shipments of more than 100 million pieces from July to September in 2016. The shipments of Samsung display (SDC) are nearly 100 million, accounted for more than 90% of the market, while the first factory shipments of more than 1 million pieces, in Tianma microelectronics, and shipping photoeloctronic and Kunshan in the main. The Samsung display as a result of the upcoming orders, but also to enhance the production line of the Asan plant and the L7 A3 line will be moved to the 6 generation OLED production line equipment for mass production, in order to further open the gap with other suppliers of production.

Other manufacturers who want to join the OLED, including Korea LG display (LGD), the BOE and Huaxing Power Plant, Taiwan factory SHARP photoelectric and Japanese JDI. PIDA pointed out that for the various projects will invest in small and medium size OLED panel factory production, the real key consists of vacuum evaporation equipment and evaporation materials, sources of supply rate, otherwise all scheduled production schedule not as expected.

Samsung display has 10 years experience for cumulative production, the key material formulation patent, specifications and process equipment are leading the industry for several generations, and has a close relationship with the supplier, with core patents, it seems that Samsung display in the short term is still no industry can match.

In addition, PIDA also pointed out that although the recent Apple Samsung display outside of Japan and South Korea have reached and the panel manufacturers, suppliers according to company strategy, and the BOE (BOE) initiative to express willingness to apple, and months of testing of the AMOLED panel, but even if BOE into the apple OLED panel supply chain, should also start delivery in 201