Samsung, LG Is Developing Four Curved Screens

Samsung, LG Is Developing Four Curved Screens

Apr 27, 2017

The curved side screen mobile phone, there is no one vendor can do better than Samsung, whether it is Galaxy S6 Edge or Galaxy Edge, the design of its curved side of the screen is second to none.

This year's Galaxy S8 in the hyperbolic side screen and further into a full view of the hyperboloid of the side screen, the screen accounted for a higher proportion, almost occupied the front of the fuselage, equally well received. Next, Samsung seems to have begun to lead another kind of surface display, which is all four curved surface curved screen.

From the South Korean media etnews reported that Samsung is planning to create "a full four curved surface curved screen ", as the name suggests, is in the original hyperbolic case in the side of the screen, the top and bottom of the screen also provides a curved screen design, realize the" frameless screen "design.

By then, the use of all four curved surface curved screen phone, the screen will be able to account for up to 98%, the front almost no baffle.

The sources said, in addition to SamsungDisplay, with South Korea's LGDisplay also in the development of its own "frameless screen", the purpose is consistent, that is almost completely eliminated mobile phone front top and bottom panel.

However, it is not easy to do this, there are a lot of technical difficulties to overcome, at least this year is unlikely to see the full four curved screen on the smart phone.

There is a striking example of technical challenges, that is when the phone front really realizes the full screen, and the four surfaces are the most tricky problem after the screen is the front of a series of sensors, cameras, and the bottom of the speaker, how to ensure the normal function of the redesign of the situation? In addition, it is said that there are technical problems in the laminating process because of the four surface side screens.

Of course, if you really achieve full screen, the wrong touch will become the norm, especially the bottom of the hand holding the two corners, how to solve the problem of false touch misoperation is the key.

Also mentioned in the report, Apple's OLEDiPhone this year is only 2.5D in the edge of the glass cover position deepen bending degree on the whole is still flat, mainly because there are some problems on the fitting process, the yield is slightly lowe, can't meet Apple's needs.

It is not clear when Samsung can overcome technical difficulties, as well as when the official release of the full view four curved screen phone, is still unknown. Now in the sale of Samsung Galaxy S8 screen has accounted for more than 83%, but the front seems to have been quite amazing, target next year Samsung S9 is a higher proportion of the screen, can not even detect the four borders, as can be imagined as visual experience, will be more shocking.

Since LG is also developing the same technology, I do not know whether it will be reflected in the G7 or other devices.

Finally, many people may think of the four curved glass design of xiaomi 6, but literally is very easy to understand, is the glass surface, rather than the display screen surface, the curved part of xiaomi 6 isn't display area, so has the obvious difference with the Samsung four curved side of the screen.