Samsung Will Produce The Seventh Generation OLED Panel

Samsung Will Produce The Seventh Generation OLED Panel

Apr 25, 2017

In the OLED panel market, Samsung's market share accounted for up to 95%, now there are foreign media pointed out that Samsung will begin production of its 7th generation of OLED panels in the sencond season of next year!

Comprehensive reports, LG Display is a big increase in the production of six-generation OLED, including attracting Google hopes to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in the flexible small size panels can expand.

And Samsung has felt pressure, in order to preserve the advantage, is accelerating the development of the seventh generation OLED production line, the fastest 2018 the second quarter of production, location is the A4 production line.

According to understanding, at present, other manufacturers still to the sixth generation OLED screen-based, every a times the screen technology update will bring the display effect better, the power consumption significantly reduced, and Samsung R & D of a new generation of OLED screens, folding bending display is actually the most noteworthy.

It is also noted that Samsung's display technology sector will continue to study various aspects including folding OLED screens, chip-on-plastic OLED screens and 800ppi pixel density of ultra-resolution OLED displays.

It was previously reported that Samsung would launch a a-fold smartphone, a foldable screen named Galaxy X this year, and remains very mysterious so far. Samsung is likely to have a small batch of production at the end of this year to test the market's response.

In addition, the chip-on-plastic OLED screen is also a new screen technology, it replaces the traditional glass substrate through plastics, which can make it easier to create a surface screen smartphone similar to Galaxy S8 and S8+.

To the 800ppi ultra high pixel density OLED panels, this product is not for television or tablet products research and development, but specifically for the smart phone such small equipment. This is a 5. The 5-inch resolution is up to 3480x2160 Pixel Ultra HD 4K Ultra HD screen, which is not the first time the news that Samsung would develop such a screen.

Panel research company UBI Research CEO Yi Choong Hoon said that it is expected for a long time, OLED market is still Samsung with LG rule, other rivals in the yield, capacity and technical standards have a considerable gap.

At present, 95% of OLED display in the market from Samsung, even if Apple is to use the iphone 8 OLED display screen, also depends on the supply of Samsung. According to forecasts, before 2020, Samsung's dominance in the supply of OLED panels would be difficult to shake.