Samsung Will Show The World's First Extensible OLED Display

Samsung Will Show The World's First Extensible OLED Display

May 24, 2017

In May 22, Samsung Display, a company that manufactures displays under the banner, announced that they would showcase their newly developed OLED displays at the SID Conference in Los Angeles from Tuesday to Thursday.

Samsung points out that the biggest difference between the new display and the existing display is that it bends in two directions, whereas the previous display can only bend in one direction.

Industry experts believe that this scalable OLED display is more technologically advanced than other screens on the market, so it can be considered the best product in a curved screen.

Samsung says its scalable OLED display can stretch up to 12 millimeters under pressure without affecting the resolution, and they will show 9 of the screen at the meeting. 1-inch version, this technology can be used in real-time networking equipment.

Even if the display is to be exhibited at the SID Convention, we do not know when the technology will be applied to the actual product, and we may have to wait a while before we see the device on the market with the display.