SID And DSCC Hosted The Market Trend Forum, Analysis Of The Vehicle Display Industry Innovation Trends

SID And DSCC Hosted The Market Trend Forum, Analysis Of The Vehicle Display Industry Innovation Trends

Feb 20, 2017

This is the first time to show a professional meeting with the automotive industry, looking forward to the 2017 show week your participation.

With the vehicle display capital expansion pace, SID announced the display industry consulting firm Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), at the Losangeles Convention Center during 21-26 May 2017, in the SID display during the week was held for the first time in vehicle display market forum, will show the dynamic industry focus and market feedback, new market opportunities.

According to Goldman Sachs, the latest release of a global investment research project showed that the global automotive industry market size in 2025 will reach 120 million shipments, LED display opportunities in the automotive industry application components. DSCC is expected to display the vehicle system industry in 2015 to 2025 period will show a double-digit growth rate, by the year 2025 will reach 15 billion u.s.. Most of the vehicle display system will use LCD and OLED panel display, for the industry before the use of the scale will be unprecedented.

Vehicle display market forum will be held during the show week will bring you a series of emerging technology trends and opportunities in industry, in May 23rd, for example, during this car manufacturers can find good suppliers to provide entertainment, vehicle display, system security and other function solutions, such as curved screen, can bring a better view of the driving not to distraction. Head up display (HUD) technology will be combined with the mapping and monitoring, using interactive touch display, part will integrate holographic technology instead of buttons and switches. Part of the above mentioned as well as the industry outlook in the conference, for the automotive industry OEM manufacturers, manufacturers and manufacturers of materials are worth discussing in depth.

SID's marketing director, Sri Peruvemba, said: "the industry has a number of automotive industry forums or display industry forums, but so far there is no combination of the two professional forums. The display industry practitioners from the automotive industry leading foundries and the point of view of market demand to tier one supplier performance, at the same time, the automotive industry will be able to display the development of industry from industry leading manufacturers and manufacturers to make the traditional view of material technology for vehicles more diversified new technologies."

DSCC founder and CEO Ross Young commented: "we are very pleased with the SID held together with the new market forum, the agenda is of high value for the participants, the participants can help find new vehicle display industry market opportunities."

The theme of the conference revolves around "security, usability, universal compatibility" and is invited to the industry's leading companies 3M, Asahi, Corelle, FlexEnable, general motors, Haman international, JDI and TI, etc.. Industry analysts will also be in the speech on the touch panel, display and head up display market trends and technical aspects of the view of the lamp.

About 2017 show week

The fifty-fourth SID International Conference and exhibition will be held on May 21-26 at the Losangeles Convention Center in California. Display week will be the consumer electronics industry, system designers, designers, consumers, scientists, engineers and manufacturers gathered to bring the industry chain information.

About SID

SID focus on the display industry and provide a platform for the industry to exchange, training and related technologies and new products to share. SID members are very technical and business professionals. In order to promote the development of technical exchanges in the industry, while fostering consumer awareness of the display industry, SID held 10 meetings a year, including the show week, for the industry to show the development of future technologies.

Introduction about Display Supply Chain Consultants

Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) is formed by the display industry senior industry analysts, by tracking the display industry supply chain and publish valuable views and data analysis, and customized service and professional meeting service. We welcome friends to discuss the industry and related