Silicon Wafer Demand Exceeds Supply, Q2 Quotation Surge, Q3 Rise Violently

Silicon Wafer Demand Exceeds Supply, Q2 Quotation Surge, Q3 Rise Violently

Mar 03, 2017

The semiconductor 8 inch and 12 inch silicon wafer market supply is increasingly tight, including the Core, Huahong mainland semiconductor factory recently began to move out to grab the goods, the industry that has put forward higher than the contract price of 1 to 2,hoping that they could sign with silicon wafer factory for half a year.

In the meanwhile, the big memorizer factory, Samsung, extends the production of 12 inch silicon wafer,hoping that pack some production of the global wafer.

Legal person pointed out that the silicon wafer prices following the first season after the second season and to increase, the contract price is expected to rise 10% magnitude, due to the recent land factory and Samsung were shot robbed the supply shortage situation, there are signs of deterioration, the third quarter of 8 inch and 12 inch silicon wafer contract price is expected to appear rallies, including ring spherulites, Taiwan Scarlett, crystal, SembCorp crystal silicon wafer factory will directly benefit.

Semiconductor silicon wafer plant in the first quarter of this year due to short supply, the price appeared for the first time in 8 years to rebound, since the first half of the semiconductor factory process to a critical moment, foundries, TSMC 10 nanometer scale began to accelerate and pull high capacity, UMC 14 nm also began to enter the production stage, as for the storage plant such as Samsung and micron, DRAM process officially entered 1x/1y nano 3D generation, NAND began sweeping the vote. In this case, the silicon wafer demand increased dramatically, but also push up the second quarter contract price hike of about 10% magnitude smoothly.

The industry pointed out that, because the first half is a new process time point miniature, testing and monitoring (testing/monitoring) silicon wafer will be a serious shortage problem in March, the Taiwan and Japan silicon wafer plant had no new production capacity, production capacity and production testing and monitoring of wafer transfer, originally used in 8 inch and 12 inch silicon wafer production and supply shortages will also see the decline, shortage problem will become obvious in the second half of the second quarter.

On this occasion, working to expand the 12 inch factory mainland industry, but also began to expand the supply of silicon wafers. The industry pointed out that, in the core and Huahong mainland semiconductor factory this year are new capacity gradually opened, but face the silicon wafer supply pressure, so in addition to the ShinEtsu and SUMCO of Japanese industry to grab the goods at high prices, but also to the ring, Taiwan, spherulitic crystal, crystal and SembCorp Scarlett and Taiwan industry to grab the goods, and put forward higher than the contract price 1 ~ 2 price, hoping to sign the second half period, due to strong demand in the second half of the year.

In addition, SK Hynix parent company SK group announced a $530 million price in January this year, the acquisition of LG group, the world's fourth largest silicon wafer plant in LG Siltron, hoping to consolidate SK Hynix silicon wafer supply.

Because the LG Siltron Samsung about 2 silicon wafer, SK shot after the merger, Samsung faces insufficient supply pressure, so also in the day before to Taiwan to seek sources, and find more purchases for Sheung Wan spherocrystal.

Legal person said, the second quarter wafer price was determined by 8 inch and 12 inch, prices rose simultaneously, and in land plants and Samsung hand grab the goods, the third quarter wafer shortage situation is more clear, the price hike will appear again on the market, and Scarlett, crystal ring crystal crystal industry is very favorable.

The semiconductor industry pointed out that the 8 inch silicon wafer about the first half of the contract price hike of 5% of the third quarter may be a hike of 10%; as for the 12 inch silicon wafer in the first half of the contract price hike of 15 ~ 20%, the third quarter price gains may directly on the 20%, 12 inch epitaxial silicon wafer (epitaxial silicon wafer) does not exclude the third the season saw a price of $100.