The Advantages Of AMOLED And IPS

The Advantages Of AMOLED And IPS

Apr 13, 2017

the advanges of AMOLED

Compared with the traditional LCD, AMOLED screen is very thin, and can integrate the touch layer on the screen, making ultra-thin machine has more advantages.

AMOLED self luminous, a single pixel in the display black does not work at present, showing a low power consumption when dark.

AMOLED can be used as flexible screen, than glass substrate LCD screen should not be damaged.

AMOLED and Super AMOLED color gamut are very wide, can reach 110% NTSC. Some colors that cannot be restored accurately on the LCD can be expressed in AMOLED. For example, blooming rape, to Wuyuan in the feeling, in the ordinary LCD is not displayed, because the display exceeds the gamut range. Sharp's high-end LCD screens specifically add yellow pixels to express bright yellow in order to solve this problem.

AMOLED has a high contrast, theoretically the contrast can be infinitely large, and will not light leak.

AMOLED has a very fast response time and only 1/1000 to 1/100 of the LCD.

the advantages of IPS

Fast response, consumers in a long time to enjoy high-speed motion picture, IPs hard screen can ensure clarity, fluency and real effect, the eye stimulation significantly reduced, fully in line with health aspirations.

The visual angle is large, IPS hard screen panel view can reach 178 degrees. Positive viewing and different angles of the color of the degree of change is called color distortion, the results show that the IPs hard screen the value of almost the naked eye to distinguish, that means that from the front or side viewing the screen effect is the same.

The color is true and accurate, IPs hard screen excellent color inversion and brightness conversion performance, let you regardless of from which angle view, can appreciate the color vivid, saturated, natural ideal picture. In addition, IPS has very high contrast, pure black level clearer, therefore, the design of professionals through the use of the field, generally believed that IPs hard-screen LCD monitor effectively reduce the design and final production of the error between the samples.

The image is stable, touch with no water ripple. Due to the unique level of IPs hard screens, it is very stable to touch without watermark, shadow and flash phenomena, so it is very suitable for TV and public display devices with touch function.

Environmental protection and energy-saving, IPS hard screen technology creative liquid crystal molecules to the horizontal arrangement, reducing the thickness of the LCD layer, thus changing the light transmittance of the LCD screen. In addition, the IPs hard screen adopts bipolar drive technology to increase the pixel opening rate by 25%. As a result of increased transmittance, IPs hard screen applications in LCD TVs can reduce the power of backlight lamps, thus achieving energy-saving power.