The Car Panel Will Become A New Flashpoint In LCD Panel Industry

The Car Panel Will Become A New Flashpoint In LCD Panel Industry

Mar 07, 2017

With the continuous expansion of production capacity, the LCD industry is gradually growing in the market penetration rate of growth. Although after the wave of ferocious, but the dominant position of the LCD panel TV industry in a short period of time could not break; watch mirror material previous multi mineral crystal glass, sapphire, synthetic glass or anti dazzle mirror, but in smart watches and other wearable tech equipment and consumer life increasingly closer at the same time, the material has been unable to meet the new need to display more detailed information and hand touch, the LCD panel has therefore been chosen to be part of a smart watch, NOKIA recently launched the latest smart watches Withings Steel HR will be equipped with a liquid crystal display, in order to achieve all kinds of information display; BOE (BOE) will also take the lead in Japan launch the transparent liquid crystal screen, the main target market for retail stores, restaurants and luxury shops.

However, even with the current trend of consumer size is more obvious, but the size of small and medium size, whether in terms of yield or capacity is still maintained an advantage can not be ignored. Similarly, to say that the future development of small and medium size LCD panel in the field of consumer electronics will fall anywhere, you have to mention the car field.

Throughout the global automotive market, whether it is output or sales, are showing a trend of rising year by year. Down to the Chinese market in 2016, the domestic automobile market by virtue of the annual sales surpassed 28 million units, year-on-year growth of 14.5% and 13.7% dazzling performance for eight consecutive years ranked first in the world. Passenger car category, the rapid growth in production and sales is still SUV, sales grew by 45.7% and 44.6%. The specific situation of the production and marketing of new energy vehicles is more optimistic, according to the ministry data show that in 2016 the year of China's total production of new energy vehicles 517 thousand, an increase of 51.7%; sales of 507 thousand vehicles, an increase of 53%.

Behind the boom in the automotive industry, it is caused by the LCD panel LCD panel market to further refine and further development. According to the relevant statistics, is expected by 2022, the global shipments of vehicle display will reach 145 million units. As a "blue ocean" in the subsequent development of the liquid crystal panel, each big enterprise also have good layout and increase the desire, to seize the initiative. Truly international last year to increase in the high-end vehicle intelligent terminal and display project investment and project construction; the BOE also will be the main vehicle display system products limited international income under the command of general manager; Nichia Chemical Industries Ltd. in Taiwan wearing Shenzhen home is more optimistic about the LED industry development in the automotive market.

The same with the car networking continues to advance, the car already is not only a tool of transportation, but has become a highly added value of science and technology development level and intelligence collection and transmission, information for a data analysis system, and people need to deal with the process of traffic data is also more growth. From this, the interaction between people and vehicles, whether it is the depth or breadth are constantly deepening, the traditional category of instruments has been unable to meet the current consumer trends. The LCD panel is mainly used for vehicle plate GPS, central control instrument and instrument panel, but not just the on-board equipment of the LCD panel demand is called: "aircraft standard HUD (Head UP Display), head up display, used in the automotive market in recent years is gradually advancing, with the rise of the vehicle can directly display, the windshield as information projector to use the driver without down can know the operating conditions of the vehicle in real time, so that safety driving process is greatly improved.

Therefore, the demand for liquid crystal car is rising year by year is not difficult to understand. According to my understanding, there are authorities in the early forecast, in 2016 the car LCD shipments will reach about 120 million units.

The car LCD screen production of highly customized features, but also indicates that it is not easy to be replaced and thus more stable. In the long run, the car LCD market potential is huge.