The Current Situation And Development Trend Of China's Lcd Panel Industry In 2017

The Current Situation And Development Trend Of China's Lcd Panel Industry In 2017

Mar 21, 2017

In the 1970s and 1980s of CRT blossomed, LCD technology has gradually grown up and was applied in micro screen display applications, such as calculators. In the late 80s and early 90s, LCD began to be applied in the field of large size display, compared with CRT, LCD technology has many advantages and is gradually recognized by the market, extend the application fields, and replace the CRT in many fields. In 1990s, PDP technology has also been developed and applied in the field of television, a time on the market CRT, LCD, PDP three technologies coexist and compete with each other. In early twenty-first Century, LCD defeated PDP in technology and performance, the application of PDP was greatly squeezed, the price of LCD also gradually reveal advantages, especially the rapid increase in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan LCD panel supply, making LCD CRT seize the original market, now LCD has become the most widely application of display technology.

Liquid crystal panel industry upstream materials or components, including liquid crystal materials, glass substrate, polarizer and backlight LED (or cold cathode fluorescent tube CCFL, CCFL accounted for only less than 5% market share).  The midstream is mainly manufacturing process of panel manufacturers, through the production of TFT array and CF substrate on the glass substrate, CF as the upper plate and TFT plate self perfusion liquid crystal and fitting, and finally paste on the polarizer, connecting the driver IC and the control circuit board for assembly and backlight module, and ultimately the formation of the whole LCD module. Downstream is a variety of applications in various fields of terminal based brand, assembly manufacturers, etc.. At present, the United States and Japan and Germany are mainly committed to the upper reaches of the industry raw materials, while South Korea, Taiwan and the mainland are mainly in the industry to develop the middle panel manufacturing. 

with the high generation line have been put into operation, the panel production capacity, technology level steadily, industrial competitiveness gradually increased, the panel industry today, Taiwan, South Korea, Chinese Chinese divided into three China, in 2019 is expected to become the world's first.

Over the past ten years, China's flat panel display industry to achieve leapfrog development, the overall size of the industry has been among the world's top three. China's rapid expansion of panel production capacity, although a large number of Japanese panel manufacturers to master key technologies, but gradually lose the competitive advantage of the price, compressed panel production capacity. Panel production capacity to South Korea, China, Taiwan and the mainland to focus on three, China will become the world's largest LCD panel production base.

As of the four quarter of 2016, BOE global market share continued to improve: intelligent mobile phone LCD screen, tablet computer, notebook computer display market share first in the world, up to second of global display screen, LCD TV to keep the ball third. In the LCD TV panel, China, panel manufacturers shipments have occupied 30% of the global amount, up to 77 million, for the first time beyond Chinese Taiwan 25.5% market share, ranking second in the world after South korea.