The Curved Screen Of IPhone 8 May Be Changed By Flat Screen

The Curved Screen Of IPhone 8 May Be Changed By Flat Screen

Mar 14, 2017

Apple's ten year version of the phone, before the media reported more consistent is will use a 5.8 inch curved surface screen, the apple for the first time in history to use curved screen. However, a number of media and analysts recently disclosed the information shows that Apple will make a major adjustment, back to the traditional flat screen.

According to Trendn, MacRumors and many other media reports, the recent technology market research firm IHS analyst Wayne Lam told the media that Apple's 10 years version of the phone will use a flat screen, rather than the expected curved screen.

The analyst said that the new phone uses a flat screen, which is currently known as the 2.5D screen industry. He said, and recently launched LG G6, the global mobile phone industry will improve the intelligent mobile phone screen accounted for this year, so the high aspect ratio display will be adjusted, so as to maximize the use of the front panel space.

He said that Apple and Samsung Electronics will released Galaxy S8 phone at the end of this month, adjust the ratio of height and width.

According to another report, Apple also has a number of other factors to give up the curved screen: such as the low yield of upstream suppliers, in addition to the surface screen phone drop test performance is not ideal.

This year, Apple's 10 years version of the phone AMOLED screen (OLED screen of a branch), all from the Samsung display company. Prior to the media reported that Apple's purchase of the screen is plastic material, which means that they will be a curved screen, rather than a flat screen.

Samsung display in the surface screen production, whether it can not meet the order of Apple 160 million screens, is still unknown.

It should be noted that, in the AMOLED screen, Apple is currently caught in only one supplier of embarrassment, so forced to adjust is also expected. According to the plan, Apple will be transferred to the AMOLED screen in batches, this year there will be two mobile phones will use two of the old LCD screen, is expected after two years Apple all mobile phones will be equipped with AMOLED screen.

It is reported that Apple has even and China's BOE company contact, hoping to purchase AMOLED screen.

In addition to Samsung monitors, the Japanese display, LG monitors, Sharp, the three companies are long-term suppliers of Apple, they are large-scale increase in production capacity and yield, is expected in the next few years will give Apple supply AMOLED screen.

Among them, under the Foxconn Group has been in Japan to optimize the screen production technology. It is reported that Sharp may be in Henan Province, Zhengzhou City, the construction of AMOLED screen factory, which close to Foxconn Apple mobile phone production line supply.

It is worth mentioning that, even if Apple from the surface screen back to the flat screen, for the user will not bring significant losses. So far, Apple's 10th century version of the phone has not yet disclosed and surface-related innovative design. The phone will significantly increase the screen ratio, providing wireless charging, cancel the physical buttons, the other appearance to take all-glass packaging technology, the value will be greatly improved.

In fact, Samsung Electronics is currently the main surface of the screen phone manufacturers, but the surface screen is also some consumers and the media that is worthless tasteless, Samsung did not use the side position to provide some valuable applications, the surface is only to provide the appearance On a freshness, and did not improve the efficiency of the user to control the phone.

As the Samsung's curved screen phone in the control did not bring significant improvement, so the global mobile phone industry did not follow the example of Samsung, the current market is still the main mobile phone screen.

The end of the second quarter, Apple's 10 years version of the phone will be put into trial production, then whether the use of curved screen or flat screen, there will be more reliable news.