The Demand For Q2 Global Smartphone Panel Will Reach 410 Million Tablets In 2018

The Demand For Q2 Global Smartphone Panel Will Reach 410 Million Tablets In 2018

Mar 01, 2018

  According to the data, the demand for the global smartphone panel in the second quarter of 2018 is expected to reach 410 million, up 12.4% from the previous quarter.

  The demand for smart phone panels in the first quarter of 2018 was weak because of the high inventory level of smartphones and smartphones in smartphones.

  At the same time, with the cleaning of the old model and the introduction of the new model, the big smart phone manufacturers in the second quarter will increase the purchase of the panel. First tier manufacturers including HUAWEI, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi will probably buy more than 130 million smart phone panels in the second quarter, accounting for 31.7% of global demand.

  According to industry sources, Apple plans to launch three new iPhone devices in the third quarter of 2018, including two OLED devices and a LTPS device, which will undoubtedly push the panel demand in the second quarter.

  According to sources, although Samsung will continue to be a major supplier of rigid OLED panel in the second quarter, but because most of HUAWEI, Vivio and OPPO, the yield of millet will consume the OLED panel, and domestic CIGNA, photoeloctronic, BOE, Tianma panel factory started to increase production capacity, so the rigid OLED panel supply will not be a big risk.

  In addition, the demand for flexible OLED smart phone panels will be lower than expected, and less than 20 million total in the second quarter. At the same time, BOE and LG Display will also start to produce flexible OLED panels.