The Development Of Wigle Stereoscopy

The Development Of Wigle Stereoscopy

Mar 10, 2017

As we all know, small spacing LED display as a market segment of the display, has successfully opened up the field of display blue ocesn market. Similarly, the wiggle stereoscopy products have been given the same expectations. 


After the rise of this technology in 2013, caused a sensation in the LED display industry. Compared to the traditional 3D display, wiggle stereoscopy is a kind of no need to wear a pair of professional glasses, the naked eye can be seen on the screen vivid three-dimensional 3D effect. In fact, as early as 2011, the wiggle stereoscopy has been formally to the market, the wiggle stereoscopy manufacturers began to launch some conceptual product, but due to technical limitations and the final momentum gradually declined, even after many years, the wiggle stereoscopy technology application in the LED display is still highly anticipated, but the product is the volume is a real problem in front of us.

With the increasing application of LED display more widely, people are increasing their demands, now people have not been able to meet the 2D planel, hope to restore the true appearance of the three-dimensional information of real world, so 3D display technology in the application program on the LED display screen and become a hot research area in recent years.

Among them, from 2014 to 2015, is a wiggle stereoscopy display R & D as a hot time, R & D team strength is huge. Riyadh, alto electronics, Chau Ming, think twice, chipshow, yishida, Mai Rui optoelectronics and other companies are in the ranks of R & D. From the size and strength of enterprises, enterprises in the LED display visible to wiggle stereoscopy technology R & D investment is relatively large, but even so, the wiggle stereoscopy technology has incomparable and small spacing, thus forming a mature market.

It is understood that the wiggle stereoscopy technology mostly in the development stage, its development is divided into two directions, one is the development of hardware equipment, R & D for displaying content. In the past few years, wiggle stereoscopy LED screen has been launched. 2013, alto electronics the world's first naked eye 3D LED display; 2014 chipshow also officially push the wiggle stereoscopy LED display; in 2015 years, 3D technology is the LED display manufacturers are competing to develop. As for the 3DLED display screen LSN launched a set of 3D solutions, yishida launched 3D LED display direct conversion box. But in general, domestic independently developed wiggle stereoscopy LED display enterprises very rare.

Because of difficulties, the true sense of the wiggle stereoscopy technology LED display is not able to mature applications. Trust's responsible for the wiggle stereoscopy technology development and services of a wholly owned subsidiary of raysee sector operations director Huang Liyan said, "the wiggle stereoscopy technology really used in the field of LED display products is actually the beginning of the last 1 - 2 years. There are some players in the industry, through the purchase of technology or cooperation to achieve the wiggle stereoscopy LED products. At present, the wiggle stereoscopy LED display all indoor products, most manufacturers do not have the wiggle stereoscopy outdoor LED display R & D capability. This also limits the promotion of wiggle stereoscopy LED display."

But in recent years, Riyadh strategic partner Kang Dexin also made new achievements in the naked eye products, the use of third generation rotary cylinder technology, by way of optical film covered on the traditional LCD panel, providing 2D resolution near lossless display brightness, obstacle free 3D brings clarity to reduce the decline the problem. The third generation of wiggle stereoscopy technology can be controlled by the use of liquid crystal lens array can be achieved 2D / 3D mode of free switching, so that the general content can be displayed in the original picture quality.

Thus, over the years, LED display manufacturers for the wiggle stereoscopy technology has never given up development, but want to realize the use of a large number of LED display applications also need some time, receive market.

At present, VR / AR and wiggle stereoscopy are the current display field, but in the practical application of the project and not a lot of technical defects only a part of the factors restricting the development.

It is understood that the current LED display manufacturers in the research and development of most of the wiggle stereoscopy display will have defects in the perspective of limitations. A lot of Companies in the development and production of the wiggle stereoscopy LED display, in this process will reflect a lot of problems, the key point is "technology design of multi view", to make the audience regardless of station location in which 3D can see the effect. However, whether it is a single, two, and the four, the eight point of view are good to do, but to do dozens of points will increase the difficulty. But at present, the enterprise has put forward the active 3D technology, which is expected to solve the problem.

Secondly, the wiggle stereoscopy restrictions on the use of the environment and size. Huang Liyan said, "at present, there are 2 kinds of wiggle stereoscopy LED grating, cylindrical lens and barrier grating. Different manufacturers use different ways. Our company is more suitable for the use of LED barrier grating, but due to the use of glass as the carrier, the size of the current maximum can only be 18 square." In this regard, thus, what are the reasons that led to the current wiggle stereoscopy technology in the field of LED display can not be a lot of applications?

First, the lack of awareness of the market for wiggle stereoscopy LED. Huang Liyan said wiggle stereoscopy LED as a new species in the LED industry, the market is not enough awareness of the people who have seen less. At this stage, we are more interested in this type of product, how to apply, where there is not enough understanding of the application, but also the need for manufacturers to carry out market education.

Secondly, the price is too high. It is understood that the wiggle stereoscopy LED display hardware cost is very cheap, mainly the development of broadcast software constraints, LED screen to increase the grating, the cost of a square grating about 100 yuan. Riyadh chairman Li Jun had also said: "3D is the technology content of products, hardware cost does not increase too much, LED naked eye 3D market will not increase the cost, increase the fraction of the cost."

But as a new product, after the wiggle stereoscopy LED display market, most companies have to rely on the new product of dividends, reap more profits from the market. Huang Liyan said, "at this stage, many with the wiggle stereoscopy LED production capacity of the company's prices are frequently is higher than the general 2D display several times, even ten times the price of the market in the face of such a price can only be powerless."

Then, wiggle stereoscopy LED display content service is also a major factor missing. Wiggle stereoscopy LED requirements for the content, different 2D and traditional LED display, require special content, while the traditional LED display in the game player software and content do not have the ability of customers to buy back the wiggle stereoscopy LED display can not use. Our company has all the technologies required for the wiggle stereoscopy LED display applications include hardware, player software and content production services.

In addition, the wiggle stereoscopy display also requires a new business model. Huang Liyan, said, wiggle stereoscopy LED display has the ability to attract eyeballs in the field of advertising and product display has a natural advantage. However, accompanied by weak macroeconomic conditions, the lack of market funds. The need for new business models and customers to cooperate, so that new products into the market quickly, through a series of software and content services, such as a series of ways to operate the stock profit.

With the development of the technology, bring new opportunities for the development of the wiggle stereoscopy LED display. In fact, the wiggle stereoscopy technology LED display will progress with the technology into our lives, and we might as well enjoy the first time 3D small spacing LED display to our visual shock.

For now, from the market for the wiggle stereoscopy display product feedback, nearly 1 - 2 years, the market for the wiggle stereoscopy products more and more fully understanding, even considered to be designated 3D products for the naked eye began more and more projects. In 13th Five-Year the national strategic planning in the new, more is the value and development of the wiggle stereoscopy put forward a clear definition and clear application scenarios.

In the future, the LED display will be the real realization of high-definition display, at the same time, with the wiggle stereoscopy high-tech features, will be a direction of LED indoor display value. Just imagine, when the audience took off the traditional 3D glasses bondage, easy to enjoy the cinema line of super large and commercial advertising in public places, wiggle stereoscopy LED screen will become the focus of attention.