The Front Sensors Are All Hidden Under The Screen

The Front Sensors Are All Hidden Under The Screen

Mar 06, 2018

 As the production machine can reach the level of science and technology, seems to be "Liu Haiping" is a kind of appearance way we have to choose, so we see a lot of the "bangs screen" the mobile phone on the MWC2018, and now the new Samsung patent that has been exposed, as we described how to design the real full screen samsung.

 According to Samsung's latest patent, Samsung seems to have realized hiding the sensor in the mobile phone screen, believing that the concept mobile phone has been able to do the sensor completely in the mobile phone screen, and you can't perceive its existence from the appearance.


  It is reported that Samsung has used nearly 70 pages to illustrate the patent, and it can be seen how difficult it is to achieve this technology. Of course, Samsung hasn't announced the full screen mobile phone now. We can't know when the front panel doesn't have any exposed sensors.

There is now news that the Samsung Galaxy Note9 will carry the fingerprint technology under the screen, and it is approaching a step towards the 100% full screen.