The Industry Applications About LCD

The Industry Applications About LCD

Jul 10, 2017

Nowadays, we can see the LCD everywhere. Such as, smartphones, calculators, Advertising machine,printer and so on.

It's obvious that LCD makes our life more beautiful, since it accompanies us everywhere. Next, let me introduce some applications on lcd for you.

LCDs are widely used in industrial, home appliance, automotive, medical, consumer, communication.


  1. Meter

  2. UPS

  3. Elevator

  4. Tanker

  5. OA product

  6. Inverter

Home appliance

  1. Dish washing machine

  2. Dehumidifier

  3. Steam box

  4. Oven

  5. Tolite controller

  6. Shower room controller

  7. Micro wave oven

  8. Coffee machine


  1. Bus pos

  2. Car dash board

  3. Truck dash board

  4. Charege pile

  5. Car air-conditioner

  6. Train dash board

  7. Car gear

  8. Car audio

  9. Car gps


  1. Injection pimp

  2. Pulp meter

  3. Medical beauty apparatus

  4. Pedometer

  5. Medical instrument

  6. Glucometer


  1. Floor lamp switch

  2. 5 inch tft for printer

  3. Camera

  4. Fishing tool

  5. OLED display


  1. Wireless interphone

For more applications, pls contact me, we can communicate with each other. Should any items meet your requirement, pls be free to let us konw.