The Introduction Of Full Bonding Technology

The Introduction Of Full Bonding Technology

Apr 07, 2017

Full bondfing technology that is to use water gel or optical adhesive make screen and touch screen seamless paste together.

the advantages of full bonding

Screen can be separated from dust and water vapor.

The air layer of common bonding way will affected by the dust and water pollution of the environment, affect the machine use; and bonding OCA glue to fill the void, the display panel and the touch screen tightly, dust and water vapor into nowhere, maintain the cleanliness of the screen.

Better display effect. Full lamination technology eliminates the air between the screen, can significantly reduce the reflection of light, reduce the loss of light and thus enhance the brightness, enhance the display effect of the screen.

Reduce noise interference. The touch screen and the display panel can not only enhance the intensity, but also can effectively reduce the interference caused by the noise to the touch signal, and improve the smooth operation of the touch control.

Make the body thinner. The full screen has a thinner body, the touch screen and the display screen using optical glue fit, only to increase the thickness of 25 m - 50 m, compared with the general way to thin the thin 0.1 mm - 0.7mm.

the disadvantages of full bonding

The process is complicated, the production yield is low, rework is difficult, the equipment investment cost is higher, and the workshop environment is higher.