The LCD Panel Has The Worries Of Matching And Surplus

The LCD Panel Has The Worries Of Matching And Surplus

Mar 05, 2017

Recently, the hot topic of LCD panel industry are attracting people's attention again, it's not the 8.5 generation line, but the higher generation of 10.5 generation lcd panel production line. According to Ovid statistics, in addition to LCD panel production line has been in production, the world will have 6 more than 10 generation LCD panel production line investment plan  for the next 3 years. 

Part of the 10 generation panel production line is difficult to operate

At present, China is investing in the construction of two more than 10.5 generation LCD panel production line, which is BOE's investment investment in the construction of the 10.5 generation line (capacity 120K/ month) for 45.8 billion in Hefei, the mass production is expected in the first quarter of 2018; Huaxing Power has the Shenzhen 53 billion 800 million yuan investment in the construction of the 11 generation line (capacity 140K/ months), the first quarter of 2019 production plan. In addition to the two lines, Orville yunwang display industry chain research director Wang Xiaoyu said, Foxconn (SDP) will invest in Guangzhou to build a 10.5 generation line, the investment amount of 61 billion yuan, is expected in 2019. In addition, SDP in the United States, aucan has 10.5 generation line investment plan in Kunming in China, and LGD in Korea Paju, is expected to build 10 generation line. According to reports, LGD in the construction of the slope of the 10 generation line, may be based on the early production of LCD panels, the latter will be fully converted to OLED panel.

However, in addition to BOE and Huaxing Power, more than 10 generation panel production line planning of other manufacturers, how many can really fall? We may wish to analyze from the following three aspects.

First, the manufacturer of the 10.5 generation LCD panel production line, can solve the problem of upstream equipment is the key factor in the start. At present, the world can give the 10.5 generation line supporting a handful of equipment, which Canon does not want to put into the device, and Nikon has no plans to expand production capacity. At present, Nikon more than 10 generation line exposure period making machine is 18 months from the 2016 BOE supporting the date, 3 years Nikon orders has been full of equipment capacity. So after 2019, Nikon is likely to support other manufacturers. So, for those who want to invest in the 10.5 generation line, the first thing to do is "waiting".

Secondly, in order to invest in the construction of the 10.5 generation line, manufacturers also need to solve the glass substrate, polarizer, mask plate, liquid crystal materials and other supporting issues, especially the glass substrate, the need to achieve the nearest supply. Before the BOE decided to build the 10.5 generation line, in order to solve the problem on the glass substrate to supply the pay a lot of hard work, until Corelle invested $1 billion 300 million in BOE 10.5 generation line near the factory to build a 10.5 generation glass substrate plant, to thoroughly solve the BOE concerns. And Huaxing Power and Asahi talked for a few years, they finally reached a cooperation intention, the 11 generation line eventually landing. Now have the ability to do the 10.5 generation line of glass supporting the Corelle and Asahi had "spoken", other manufacturers to solve the glass substrate to supply problems, and then find a reliable partner. It can be said that the lack of hardware equipment and raw materials supply and other conditions, will become one of the important reasons for the 10.5 generation line difficult landing.

Finally, market, technology and funding issues can not be underestimated. A 10.5 generation panel production line investment at three or four billion yuan, SDP line in Guangzhou is expected to invest up to 61 billion yuan, this amount of money will become a huge pressure for manufacturers. Maybe after the manufacturers to solve financial problems, technology, equipment and materials related problems, and it will face the LCD panel overcapacity worries.

LCD panel industry should have a good product structure

In recent years, China has invested in the construction of a number of high generation LCD panel production line, as of now China has 8 to 8.5 generation line production, and there are a number of production lines are planned, with the current production scale, whether the excess capacity problem has been plagued by controversy.

Although the Tsinghua University professor Zhang Baizhe of "Chinese electronic newspaper" reporter said, now the LCD panel industry does not exist the problem of excess production capacity last year, with 10 million square meters of the LCD panel is still in growth rate, the basic balance of sales. However, he also said, now China has a liquid crystal panel production capacity is large enough, then you must plan the product structure, the formation of a stable sea.

In fact, Foxconn will invest two to 10.5 generation line so that can be seen on the LCD panel manufacturers optimistic about the prospects, they also want to enjoy the LCD panel market dividend, so overweight 10.5 generation line investment. However, Chilean Consulting Group Deputy General Manager Li Yaqin said the analysis of "China electronic newspaper" reporter: "2016 LCD panel rose more than expected profit, LED panel manufacturers to actively expand the capital investment, the optimistic expectations of the future. However, the supply and price fluctuations of liquid crystal panel has been very intense, the terminal demand is becoming more saturated, there are many uncertainties in the future will become the price of LCD panel volatility incentives. It can be concluded that if we are actively expanding production capacity, the future of the LCD industry will usher in a bloody price competition. Therefore, manufacturers should be cautious, more rational look at prices and future development of the industry."