The LCM With Wiggle Stereoscopy Technology 3D Viewing Without 3D Glasses

The LCM With Wiggle Stereoscopy Technology 3D Viewing Without 3D Glasses

Feb 27, 2017

The advantage of wiggle stereoscopy

High quality wiggle stereoscopy 3D display effect. RSPT-MC technology uses semiconductor lithography technology, the accuracy of the error is controlled below micron. Backlight using total reflection integral cavity structure, the flux conservation to minimize the loss of brightness.

Implementation of the device can be perfectly compatible with a variety of touch control solutions, without sacrificing the quality of the 3D image can be easily removed under the premise of moore.






At present, the wiggle stereoscopy technology has not been popular, but the relevant technology is maturing.In many 3D systems, the wiggle stereoscopy mainstream technology are: cylindrical lens type; point source technology; multi-layer display; the four visually impaired grating.The wiggle stereoscopy technology in the most popular manufacturers is a cylindrical lens grating type and visually impaired.Also known as the visually impaired grating slit grating type. The basic principle is the use of pinhole imaging principle, through the grating occlusion technology to achieve three-dimensional imaging. On the surface of the screen set called "vertical fence shaped optical grating of the visually impaired barrier" to control the direction of light, let the left and right eyes received different images to generate parallax a stereoscopic display effect, although this technology has the advantages of simple manufacture, is easy to realize, but due to high brightness loss caused by the disadvantage of low resolution.Therefore, the visually impaired grating advantage is compatible with existing LCD LCD technology, controllability in production and cost. The disadvantage is that the brightness of the screen is low, and the resolution will be inversely proportional to the increase of the display image at the same time.

Light barrier 3D technology is also known as parallax barrier or parallax barrier gate technology, the principle and polarization of 3D is more similar, is the European SHARP laboratory engineers more than ten years of research success. Light barrier 3D products compatible with the existing LCD LCD technology, so in the production and cost advantages, but the use of such technology, the image resolution and brightness will decline.

The realization method of the light barrier 3D technology is to use a switch LCD screen, polarizing film and polymer liquid crystal layer, using liquid crystal layer and polarizing film to produce a series of vertical stripes of 90 degrees.