The Manufacturers Of Lcd Panel Industry Chain Will Gather In 2017 New Display Technology Exhibition

The Manufacturers Of Lcd Panel Industry Chain Will Gather In 2017 New Display Technology Exhibition

Mar 25, 2017

The information society, the flat panel display appears everywhere, whether it is television, computer, mobile phone, smart wearable devices, all cannot do without the support of the display, flat panel display industry has become a pillar industry in the field of electronic information. 2016 China mainland display industry revenue is expected to more than 200 billion yuan, is expected to around 2019, China will become the world's first production area of the first display parts shipments. It can be said that the flat panel display is the first electronic industry in China to achieve manufacturing power industry.

The evolution of the global new display industry and the pattern and economic transfer, Europe and the United States technology, Japan's industrialization, and gradually transition to South Korea and China Taiwan and mainland china. By the end of 2017, China's new production capacity is estimated to account for 31% of global production capacity, touch screen capacity accounted for global production capacity of 55%, in the past ten years China has become the world's largest manufacturer of touch screen and new display.

In order to show the latest achievements in technology development, China liquid crystal optical optoelectronic industry associations branch joint Shanghai Li extension Exhibition Co. Ltd. will jointly host the 2017 international new display technology exhibition, 2017 Shanghai International Full Touch and Display Exhibition also will be held, a set of touch screen and display technology for the integration of products and technology trading platform, based on the China touch and display technology foundation and strong industry market conditions, the exhibition brings together hundreds of well-known enterprises from the global touch screen, display panel, manufacturing equipment, testing and application of materials, components and other related industry.

Display panel: BOE, Tianma

In December 1, 2016, the BOE announced that in order to further meet the growing market and customer demand, Hefei BOE intends through its own funds to invest 5.8 billion yuan, part of process equipment added to cap Hefei BOE 10.5 generation line, and then expand the capacity of 30 thousand per month in the base glass substrate design capacity of 90 thousand per month on input tablets. After the expansion of Hefei BOE 10.5 generation of this total capacity will reach 120 thousand. In the field of LCD panel for many years to explore the BOE, in recent years, through the development of high generation LCD panel line, large-size LCD panel to consolidate its strong position.

It is reported that in April 25th, the 2017 Shanghai International Exhibition of new display technology and the 2017 international new technology exhibition will display at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center grand opening, BOE with flexible display products, the world's thinnest 8K Ultra HD display products, VR products, BOE iGallery family Cloud Art Museum and a number of innovative products exhibition debut. Among them, 7.8 inch flexible folding screen is one of the highlights of its many flexible display products, equipped with LTPS AMOLED technology, the color gamut is above 90%, the thickness of only 0.24mm, the bending radius is only 5mm, when unfolded can be used as a tablet computer, portable and can be folded into a small mobile phone, can adapt to a variety of product forms.

At the same time, Pegasus also strong in the 2017 International Exhibition of new display technology, will bring 5.2 inches WQHD AMOLED display and 5.15 inch LTPS ultra narrow frame display, the resolution is 2560 * 1440, PPI up to 564, display outstanding, NTSC more than 100%, display outstanding; the glass thickness is only 0.5mm, single module thinner at the same time; response time is very short, the screen switches smoothly, VR applications can provide a better experience; the latter using LTPS technology, a resolution of 1920 * 1080 PPI up to 428. Its border thickness is only 0.15mm, the industry leader.

Polarizer: Sanlipu

Polaroid accounted for about 10% of the cost of the TFT-LCD panel, its production technology brings together a variety of technology, microelectronics, optoelectronics, polymer film, chemical and computer control technology, it has a high content of polarizer. The Polaroid technical barriers, the market has been Japan, South Korea China monopoly situation, but with the continued investment in technology, product development Polaroid, South Korea products market share is declining year by year.

Statistics show that in 2010, the world's three largest overseas polarizing film manufacturers accounted for about 80% of global production capacity, and this proportion dropped to 65% in 2013, in 2016 was further reduced to 56%. This shows that China is accelerating the localization of Polaroid, the future is likely to achieve large-scale import substitution. At present, Sanlipu TFT-LCD polarizer sales rate of more than 90% proves that this trend is irreversible.

Sanlipu since its inception in 2007 has been committed to Polaroid R & D, production and sales, is the domestic Polaroid industry outstanding solutions provider. It is reported that in the international new display technology exhibition, will bring Sanlipu Polaroid Products Exhibition (booth 2H23), Sanlipu polarizer series of products including TFT, OLED, 3D, black glasses, dyes etc.. The TFT series include Polaroid TV, mobile phone, notebook computer and other mainstream size, suitable for TN, IPS, VA and TFT display mode; black and white series includes transmission, reflection type, semi transparent type, STN type polarizer, suitable for watches, calculators, household appliances, industrial control equipment such as screen display; 3D polarized light film is mainly used in passive 3D glasses; dye series contains purple, blue and gray, brown and other colors of polaroid.

Liquid crystal material: Chengzhi Yonghua

Liquid crystal material is only about 4% of the cost of LCD panel, but it plays a key role in the quality of LCD panel, and it is also the key material of LCD industry. The vast majority of market share has been owned by German Merck, Japan's JNC and DIC. The two main LCD suppliers in Shijiazhuang and Jiangsu and Chengzhi Yonghua Polytron Technologies Inc, through years of accumulation, to solve many technical problems, to master a lot of TFT liquid crystal material intermediate and monomer production technology, constantly expanding the research achievements in the field of TFT liquid crystal mixture, coupled with the introduction of our series to promote the localization the liquid crystal material policy guidance, thin film field effect transistor (TFT) liquid crystal material localization began to turn for the better.

At present, including Chengzhi Yonghua again pushing the mainstream LCD materials: IPS-TFT, 3D / 3D eye glasses with LCD, car liquid crystal display and OLED liquid crystal monomer, followed by industrial technology development trend. Chengzhi Yonghua company will bring display chemicals, liquid crystal materials, OLED materials and other electronic chemicals to participate in the 2017 Shanghai international exhibition will showcase the new display technology, liquid crystal TN type, HTN type, STN type, VA type, TN/VA/IPS-TFT, PDLC, multi stable seven kinds of products, involving 240 series more than 500 kinds of mixed crystal products, including monomer as many as 2000 kinds of products, more than 400 kinds of products available TFT monomer.

Manufacturing equipment: Yazhi

In the TFT equipment production and R & D, although the mainland invested heavily in construction of a number of high generation panel lines, but around 60% of the fixed investment funds spent on the purchase of equipment, mainly imported from Japan and South Korea and other countries market equipment. Domestic equipment research and development road are still far away.

The exhibition, the Yazhi equipment manufacturers will bring Manz display production equipment solutions for AMOLED, LTPS, IGZO and large TFT-LCD production process includes wet chemical process, automation, and laser technology, coating technology and production equipment, processing the substrate size from 2 inches to assist G10.5 the customer terminal products and reduce the production cost, and supply to the terminal consumers around the world.

According to estimates, after 2016, China's TFT-LCD industry at least annually 250 tons of liquid crystal material, 100 million square meters of glass substrate (glass with color film), 100 million square meters, 50 million square meters of polarizing color filter, optical film, hundreds of millions of billions of square meters and hundreds of millions of back light component to drive IC, the total value of will be close to one hundred billion yuan. Faced with such a huge business opportunities, the development of the upper reaches of the domestic equipment materials huge space.

The next few years, with the continuous innovation of new materials and manufacturing process, including touch screen technology, will break the bottleneck of technology one by one, to the further development of large size, high resolution, fast response, new display industry technology, market, product and competition pattern will be profound changes. In order to lead the future display technology and display application innovation, 2017 international new display technology came into being, the exhibition will be held on April 25th to 27th at the Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall.

The 2017 Shanghai International Exhibition and display full touch display technology, the new international exhibition promotional work is being carried out like a raging fire, has signed the 2017 Shanghai International Exhibition and display full touch customers including Xing Hongguang, Wei Jia, Chen Jing touch manufacturing enterprises; in addition, material and equipment area ushered in a large number of powerful enterprises, such as Chengzhi Yonghua, Yuzhi; international new display technology exhibition ushered in the BOE, Tianma, Xin Li and other leading panel enterprises, all exhibitors signed the products are for the brand of the advanced products and technology. Welcome to visit the exhibition.