The Market Share Is Nearly 30%, OLED Is Catching With LCD

The Market Share Is Nearly 30%, OLED Is Catching With LCD

Mar 03, 2017

According to foreign media reported, more and more mobile phone equipped with OLED appears in the market in recent years. The lastest industry report shows that LCD screen will be catched up by OLED screen in next three years.

Nowadays, the OLED market share has reached 27.6% from zero, they are occupying the areas of LCD screen. Samsung is the largest producer of OLED screens,it also sold most of mobile phones with OLED, LG, Sony, Apple are the main force in the camp. With the iPhone 8 using OLED screen, the original LCD camp advantage will be gradually collapse. In addition, China manufacturers HUAWEI, millet, Meizu which focus on the OLED screen also make such products a favor.

Previously, the cost problem has been always blocking the popularity of the OLED screen, but in recent years, with the progress of technology, its manufacturing costs have dropped significantly, and even less than LCD. In contrast, light leakage and visual angle, OLED screen also has an absolute advantage.

In addition, the more importantly is that OLED has the characteristic of flexible.

From the beginning of last year, the intelligent mobile phone appearance gradually changed, application of curved screen allows people to get rid of fatigue, this year Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 will be used on the arc full screen design, as the new trend of future planes, they will transfer to other manufacturers.

However, this is not the ultimate goal of smart phone design, rumors that Samsung and LG are ready to fold the phone, and one of the most important element is the flexible OLED screen.

Whether OLED can occupy half of the market share in 2020, it is gradually narrowing the gap with the LCD screen trend is irreversible. In the future, with LG, JDI and Foxconn and other manufacturers OLED production line start, manufacturers will be more and more high acceptance of such screens.