The Market Structure Of OLED Will Change In 2021

The Market Structure Of OLED Will Change In 2021

Mar 27, 2017

Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) pointed out that in 2016 the global AMOLED Samsung mobile phone panel shipments accounted for as high as 97%, but Samsung almost monopoly in 2018 will be broken by LGD, even so, estimated 2021, Samsung will hold 50% of the world's share, China although also actively join the AMOLED war, but DSCC estimates BOE, until at least 2020 have the opportunity to grab a stable supply, third apple suppliers candidacy.

Apple is expected to launch with AMOLED panel iPhone this year, before Apple, Samsung and China mobile phone factory already using AMOLED panel, DSCC estimated that in 2017, there will be 525 million branch of intelligent mobile phone with AMOLED panel, the annual growth of 42% in 2021, the global intelligent mobile phone AMOLED will reach 1.2 billion, of which Samsung and Apple accounted for more than half.


DSCC pointed out that Samsung in 2016 OLED shipments accounted for more than 97%, is expected in 2017 still reached 96%,in 2021 will drop to 63%, but is still dominant, mainly Samsung and some equipment manufacturers and material suppliers have signed some exclusive agreement, can be made into customized evaporation equipment according to their own technology, also some the equipment's capacity, other competitors to copy the Samsung process almost impossible.

As a result, can join the AMOLED mobile phone panel suppliers after Samsung, DSCC value LGD, DSCC points out that LGD will be the fastest in 2018 for apple, apple in the past LCD panel objects can be selected, at least more than 3, but the next few years in the AMOLED panel on the choice of only 2.

Although there are a number of China manufacturers have announced into the AMOLED plant, DSCC believes in Apple's supply chain BOE in 2020 is also the fastest, but can not deny that the future of the global market in the AMOLED, in addition to Samsung and LGD, third to seventh may be China factory.