The Period Of Flexible OLED Is Comeing

The Period Of Flexible OLED Is Comeing

Apr 07, 2017

From a technical point of view, smart phone panel technology upgrades, mainly around the three aspects of quality, appearance and function. For a long time, the replacement of mobile technology are micro innovation. The flexible display of AMOLED, to the appearance of mobile phones to bring more possibilities. Bending, folding, flexible OLED display "painted" the future clearly moreish.

Flexible display manufacturers are stepping up to seize the initiative. This year, including Samsung, Vivo, millet and other mobile phone manufacturers have released a smart phone using a flexible AMOLED screen, other manufacturers are also planning to develop collapsible (or bendable, hyperbolic screen) smartphone. However, at present, in the field of small and medium flexible display, only a Samsung to achieve mass production, the Chinese mainland panel enterprise BOE, Tianma, Xinli are expand their production.

Chen Lijuan, a senior analyst at the global advisory group of small and medium size display panel, said in 2016 flexible AMOLED accounted for 14% of the overall AMOLED production capacity, Samsung in 2016 has more than 50 million pieces of flexible OLED panel shipments. By 2017, Apple's mobile phone will also join the AMOLED camp, Samsung has more input on the flexible AMOLED, flexible AMOLED mobile phone panel production capacity of up to 30% in 2017. This marks the official arrival of the era of flexible OLED.

BOE: flexible folding screen blockbuster launch

Zhang Yu, vice president of BOE, told reporters that this year launched a flexible, flexible OLED display panel. Because the era of things, a portable intelligent mobile terminal will form diversification, in addition to mobile phone, tablet computer, intelligent wearable products, new applications of intelligent medical also arise, flexible display needs full of imagination. "We communicate with customers, we believe that the demand for flexible display in 2018 will further show".

It is reported that in April 25th, 2017 new international display technology exhibition will be a grand opening in Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall, BOE (BOE) with flexible display products, the world's thinnest 8K Ultra HD display products, VR products, BOE iGallery family Cloud Art Museum and a number of innovative products exhibition debut. Among them, 7.8 inch flexible folding screen is one of the highlights of its many flexible display products, equipped with LTPS AMOLED technology, the color gamut is above 90%, the thickness of only 0.24mm, the bending radius is only 5mm, when unfolded can be used as a tablet computer, portable and can be folded into a small mobile phone, can adapt to a variety of product forms.


Tianma: 5.2 inches WQHD AMOLED screen debut

Domestic display panel manufacturers on the MWC to show the world the latest research and development of a series of advanced display panels, including flexible OLED display. This time the show is a variety of Tianma AMOLED panel, which is a 5.5 inches FHD 1080p flexible display eye-catching. Pegasus said that this flexible display can be achieved in the 5mm curvature radius bending effect, the technology is currently in the industry leading level.


It is reported that in April this year, 25-27 Expo in Shanghai, Pegasus will carry 5.2 inches WQHD AMOLED display and ultra narrow border LTPS screen display in the international exhibition of new technologies in, booth number 2E28. Among them, the Pegasus 5.2 inches WQHD AMOLED display with a resolution of 2560 * 1440 PPI, up to 564, more than 100% NTSC, display outstanding; the glass thickness is only 0.5mm, single module thinner; at the same time, short response time, the screen switches smoothly, VR applications can provide a better experience.


Xinli: flexible OLED (bracelet) turned out

In July last year, Xinli (Huizhou) intelligent display Co., Ltd. 5.68 inches AMOLED screen and 5.2 inch ultra-thin flexible AMOLED (laboratory samples) successfully lit. The 5.68 inch AMOLED mobile phone display, resolution of (W) * 1920 (H), pixel density of 388PPI. 5.2 inch ultra-thin flexible AMOLED (laboratory samples), thickness of only 30um, the ultimate curvature radius of 3mm. The purpose of this research is to verify the design of the sample and the technical route of the technology, and to provide the technical support for the new capacity of the new flexible screen.


It is understood that this year, April 25-27 at the Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall, the letter will be equipped with transparent OELD, flexible AMOLED and four angle full uniform motor Exhibition International Exhibition of new technologies, booth number 2B36. Letter of interest is the highlight of the display 1.4 inch flexible OLED (bracelet), its resolution: 128*16, operating temperature: -30 degrees Celsius to 75 degrees Celsius, and will be in the 2017 quarter of mass production.


Screen upgrade tide approaching, OLED is currently the best display technology, the next few years will replace LCD technology into the mainstream, which has been the industry consensus. Whether it is clarity, response speed, contrast, color or visual angle, OLED has reached the forefront of science and technology, not only will change the TV industry, will also have a great impact on mobile phones, wearable devices.