The Revenue Of Flexible AMOLED Display Will Surpass Rigid AMOLED Panel

The Revenue Of Flexible AMOLED Display Will Surpass Rigid AMOLED Panel

Apr 12, 2017

According to a new study by IHS Markit, a market research company, the flexible AMOLED display revenue is expected to reach $3.2 billion in the third quarter of 2017, surpassing the 3 billion-dollar rigid AMOLED panel for the first period, thanks to sustained demand growth.

As many smartphone brands have a plan to apply the flexible AMOLED display to its high-end product line, the flexible AMOLED panel revenues are expected to grow by 150% percent more than 2016. On the other hand, the rigid AMOLED panels that are currently used mainly for midrange smartphones are expected to fall by 2% percent more than 2016.

"Smartphone brands believe that the flexible AMOLED panels in the latest high-end products will differentiate between competitors still adopting rigid AMOLED screens or LCD screens," said Jerry Kang, chief of IHS Markit. 

"Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics have launched several flagship smartphones with flexible AMOLED screens since 2013, but are constrained by the limited supply of panels, still not mainstream," Kang said. However, since 2016, more panel manufacturers have focused on increasing the supply capacity of flexible AMOLED display, and try to optimize the manufacturing process and design a better panel structure, so that the flexible AMOLED display becomes the increasingly favored choice for smartphone makers. ”


The IHS Markit, the 'AMOLED & Flexible display Intelligence Service' report, said that most smartphone makers aim to use the flexible AMOLED display screen in 2017, but some of them will be difficult to achieve because of their higher prices.

For the price problem, Kang's view is: "At present, the manufacturing cost of flexible AMOLED panels is much higher than the rigid AMOLED panels, but with the increase of manufacturing output rate, the future of flexible panels costs will fall below the rigid panels."