The Sketch Of Samsung Note 8 Exposed, Also Cancled The Entity Home Button

The Sketch Of Samsung Note 8 Exposed, Also Cancled The Entity Home Button

Mar 25, 2017

[TechWeb] Samsung's upcoming S8 phone has been exposed almost, almost no mystery at all. But now it was announced in the second half of the flagship phone Note 8 design sketch, which is the first time the phone has important information debut.


Interestingly, the design sketch is very clear, the design can be seen, almost the same with the S8 style, there are a lot of reference to the new design, especially the front screen style, the high proportion of the screen, canceled the positive physical Home button, and S8 should use a back fingerprint identification module so, can further enhance the proportion of the screen.

large screen, the screen size is said to be 6.4 inches, after all S8 series sizes will increase substantially, if the Note series remain similar is likely to lose competitiveness, make the user feel confused.

At the same time, Samsung Note 8 for the preparation of the S Pen stylus socket, proof that the phone is still equipped with a stylus. It should be noted that the Samsung Note 8 on the top of the hole is very small, in addition to the speaker, a left and right only two holes, one of which should be the camera, another is not clear what. Now you know S8 hole very much, in addition to a variety of infrared sensors and iris recognition module, which leads to the top of the hole were dense and not beautiful, do not know whether Samsung for new technology, can save the hole number and space.