The Skill Of QLED Is Immature

The Skill Of QLED Is Immature

Mar 09, 2017

What is QLED?

The real quantum dot TV, called QLED, is the abbreviation of "Quantum Dots Light Diode Display", i.e., quantum dot light-emitting diodes (Emitting). Unlike OLED, which is a small molecule organic light-emitting material, QLED is the core of the imaging material is a very small volume of quantum dots, the quantum dots from zinc, cadmium, selenium and sulfur atoms combined. Each time a quantum dot is stimulated by light or electricity, it emits different colored light.

Reference to QLED, I believe that many consumers have such doubts when buying a TV, there is quantum dot TV in the market.


In fact, the current color TV market, the concept of QLED is just a marketing gimmick vendors only. For the needs of marketing, the current listing of quantum dot LCD TV is known as the QLED quantum dots, but in fact, can really self luminous display of QLED quantum dot TV has not yet officially commercial.

The current market sales of "QLED TV" is only through additional quantum dots film on the back light source, so as to improve the color gamut of the product only, so there is still light leakage, low contrast and visual angle of LCD TV fundamental limitation is poor, slow response of the short board on the definition and design constraints. In other words, QLED TV is just a product of the evolution of LCD only, quantum dot LCD TV, the so-called current market sales' QLED 'is not really QLED.

For the current quantum dots TV excessive marketing situation, the International OLED Association , Barry Young,denounced the quantum dot LCD TV named QLED TV on CIOS 2017 , which leads to confusion of names of marketing means, should not overdo sth.. TV manufacturers should not use quantum dot LCD products posing as a true self luminous QLED TV, resulting in consumers make a wrong judgment.

Real QLED by changing the spectrum of the backlight source, so that the R/G/B spectrum is more pure, so that the screen color is more pure, improve color saturation, brightness, etc.. However, due to its easy to be influenced by heat and moisture, quantum dots can not achieve the same evaporation method as the self luminous OLED. At present, QLED is still in the initial stage of development, it is estimated that it should cost more than 10 years in commercialization.

Southeast University professor Li Xiaohua pointed out that the current TV does a superb collection of beautiful things for consumers to choose in disorder, now on the market of the so-called QLED TV, precisely should be called quantum dots (QD:Quantum Dot) backlight LCD TV, its principle is as a backlight quantum dot film attached to the LCD panel, is not the real self luminous quantum dots (QLED display technology). Currently, both in the market have been called QLED, so it is easy to cause confusion for consumers. From a technical point of view, at this stage is really the realization of OLED self luminous innovation technology, it can be said that the current market can be called self luminous technology products only OLED.

Industry sources said, although QLED is self luminous technology, but in the current period, the technology has not yet entered the market, the market on QLED technology spread, only LCD TV packaging propaganda and marketing techniques, commercial, real self luminous technology products only OLED.

At present, the discussion about who is the next generation of display technology can be heard without end. In fact, now the trend has been very obvious, as represented by the OLED self luminous display technology has been increasingly accepted by consumers and manufacturers. At the beginning of this year on the development of CES OLED TV is not only let a person shine, OLED products on the praise, as well as the new SONY manufacturers to join the camp.

OLED is the most perfect screen at this stage. Thanks to the use of OLED self luminous technology, making OLED and QLED in quality, design and other aspects of the essential difference. OLED in the dark / visual angle / contrast, is non self luminous display technology can deliver. In addition, the OLED can realize free and flexible design, in addition to a variety of wearable devices, display products and crimp, double-sided, concave and convex shapes, OLED can also be like wallpaper as "paste" on the wall, which is impossible to achieve the LCD products.

For display technology in the future, Chinese Video Industry Association Deputy Secretary General Peng Jianfeng said, firmly believe that technology is self luminous display technology development of the next generation of core. OLED as the only large-scale commercialization of self display technology, in the quality and design level has become increasingly perfect, and will lead the future display market.

For the current market of fake QLED quantum dot LCD TV ", self luminous technology is in line with the best display technology in the future, while OLED has been at the forefront of self luminous, believe that one day in the future, when the real QLED official business that day, self luminous technology will further expand that will quickly occupy the dominant position of the display industry.