The Touch Exhibition Will Be Held In Taiwan In September

The Touch Exhibition Will Be Held In Taiwan In September

Mar 06, 2017

The smart display and touch show, organized by the Federation of Taiwan display industries, will be launched in September 20th this year. The organizers said, has been held for 5 years, has led the global display technology development issues, whether it is a future application, and new technologies are concerned with the present, the industry annual procurement panel, understand the new technology, equipment and materials procurement, find new cooperation platform.

In addition, in response to market demand, mobile devices and wearable devices is becoming more and more popular, the future life style will emphasize the human-computer interaction, and obtains the convenience, so for a mobile device must have a thin, easy to carry, bending resistance can be folded, so that consumers can easily carry, to enjoy life.

Organizers explained, with the smart handheld device technology increasingly sophisticated, OLED demand growth, its light and thin, is not easy to break, folding, bending, impact resistance and other characteristics, the future will undoubtedly be the next generation of display technology development direction.

IHS data show that OLED panel revenue growth in 2020 is expected to reach $24 billion 800 million, much higher than the $7 billion 600 million in 2014, the current global market for small and medium size OLED panel by the South Korean panel factory grasp of the 90%.

Touch Taiwan 2017 smart touch display and exhibition will be held in September from 20 to 22 days in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall, this year will be a new display technology as the theme, Touch Taiwan will bring together related fields OLED production, equipment, materials and other manufacturers.