The Trend Of Polarizing Film Made In China

The Trend Of Polarizing Film Made In China

Mar 10, 2018

 In recent years, with the rapid development of China's high generation LCD panel industry, related industry chain development is also in full swing, Polaroid flat panel display as one of the most important supporting materials industry, also ushered in a rare development opportunity, and gradually localization, in this process, Shenzhen City three tiptop photoelectric Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter abbreviation: Sanli plays the role of forerunner spectrum), the future will continue to enjoy the huge growth space localization alternative polarizer.


 In February 25, 2018, the company released 2017 annual results letters, 2017 the company achieved total revenue of 818 million yuan, representing a growth of 2.14%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 82 million 433 thousand and 200 yuan, representing a growth of 13.20%, after deduction of non attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 63 million 74 thousand and 300 yuan, compared with the same period last year declined slightly.

 In this regard, the three physical said a 2017 year received 22 million 722 thousand and 900 yuan of government subsidies, increased significantly compared with the previous year, the growth rate was 187.32%; two is the period in order to meet the market demand for new products and increased investment in research and development, developed in 2017 at a cost of 65 million 858 thousand and 100 yuan, an increase of 49.70% compared to 2016.

Break the Polaroid dependence on the history of import

  As everyone knows, the polarizing film of high technical threshold, before the market dominated by several major manufacturers of LG chemistry, chemistry, etc. Sumitomo ensequence foreign monopoly. But with the transfer of the global panel business to the domestic market, the trend of polarizing industry transfer to the mainland has also been formed. For the growing domestic panel capacity, the urgent demand for the polarizing film localization is increasing.

 Past industry experience shows that the rise of panel industry in a region must be accompanied by the rapid development of supporting industries in the global panel, the third panel industry transfer tide, China's end panel manufacturing has been in the forefront to become the world's first, and the polarizing liquid crystal panel as the most important raw materials, its development is still subject to South Korea Taiwan suppress competition rivals such as productivity advantages and technical advantages, but the trend of industrial transfer, Japanese manufacturers have basically no new production capacity, with special authorization of the technical cooperation, South Korea Taiwan polarizer manufacturers are also actively in the expansion of domestic, is particularly important for domestic manufacturers at this stage of the expansion of the window period is.

 As a domestic Polaroid pioneer, three physical encountered in the field of polarizer challenges and difficulties in other enterprises are difficult to understand, but to persevere through the development and continuous input, support of the government and the industry in addition to the final completion of the competition with foreign enterprises in the growth and transformation, and the first to break the domestic medium and large size TFT polarizing film all the history of dependence on imports.

 At present, three physical has numerous applications to meet the downstream demand of Polaroid production capacity. The product types include TN polarizer, STN polarizer, TFT polarizer, OLED polarizer and 3D glasses polarizer. The effective thickness of the product is the thinnest that has reached 90m, and can provide 120m, 130m, 150m, 210m and other different thickness products. At the same time, the company can provide different types and thickness matching products to support customers' product design according to customer needs, and jointly develop special polarized products with customers.

The rise of China's panel industry and the trend of polarizing film made in China

 Polarizer, as one of the key raw materials of LCD panel, has been strongly supported by the national industrial policy. In recent years, the state has continuously increased its support for the flat panel display industry, especially the LCD panel industry.


  At present, the domestic LCD panel production capacity has been ranked first in the world, while domestic panel makers still further accelerated the high generation panel production line construction progress, and promote domestic Polaroid demand growth, although foreign investment increase in domestic production capacity construction, but there are still a large gap between supply and demand.

  According to statistics, the current domestic Polaroid accounted for less than 40% of domestic demand, to 2019 self-sufficiency rate is expected to increase to 65%, is expected to 2019 domestic demand for TFT-LCD panel factory Polaroid polarizer of about 185 million square meters, OLED needs about 9 million 580 thousand square meters, and almost all are increasing demand for capacity planning; to 2019 domestic manufacturers look at the supply of only 120 million square meters, there is a big gap between supply and demand, as one of the polarizer panel core material, the panel cost accounted for about 10%, to accelerate the localization of materials is one of the important starting point for the downstream panel manufacturers in the future to further improve the cost competitiveness, in line with industry rules - the rise of downstream upstream material substitution accelerate domestic drive. With the rapid growth of demand and the rise of domestic panel manufacturers, domestic polarizer will usher in the best opportunity for development. Three physical will take this wind, become a polarizing film industry rise directly to a high position, the leading solutions provider with international competitiveness.