Three New IPhone Configuration Exposures In 2018: Keep The LCD Screen

Three New IPhone Configuration Exposures In 2018: Keep The LCD Screen

Jan 31, 2018

  After the teacher Guo Mingji has more than once predicted that Apple introduced three new machines like iPhone X design in 2018, including two 5.8 inch and 6.5 inch version of the OLED, and a 6.1 inch LCD screen version (legendary cheap edition). It seems that Apple will have a full range of iPhone X fuselage design languages.

  In terms of configuration, the 6.1 inch screen iPhone will be the only product that uses LCD screen this year, and will also use the design of aluminum alloy frame. The other two new iPhone of OLED screen will use stainless steel box. The 6.5 - inch OLED version will be equipped with a L - shaped battery of 3300 Ma, and a 5.8 inch OLED iPhone battery with a capacity of 2800 ma. It is worth mentioning that the total capacity of a double core L battery is 10% higher than that of a single core L battery.

  The 6.1 inch iPhone does not use the stacked motherboard on the iPhone X and the L - shaped battery, because its internal space is not tight. At the same time, 6.1 inch version of the iPhone will cancel the 3D Touch design, and using the 3GB memory (the other two of the new iPhone will use 4GB memory), the function of weakening can be seen, the 6.1 inch iPhone X should be considered in order to reduce costs and positioning, but Apple still retains its Face ID function.

 As we are most concerned about the price, 6.1 inches of "iPhone X" will be priced at $700 to $800 (about RMB 4475 yuan to 5115 yuan), which is the iPhone price of 8, then the price should be the starting price of 5888 yuan, compared to nearly 9000 yuan iPhone X still, very cheap. Therefore, the cheap version of the 6.1 inch LCD screen and the small version of the 5.8 inch screen will be more concerned by the Chinese people, and will also be the main force for future sales, and maybe it will also be in short supply.