Tianma The 6th Generation LTPS AMOLED Production Line China First Lit

Tianma The 6th Generation LTPS AMOLED Production Line China First Lit

Apr 22, 2017

April 20, the great attention of the Pegasus 6th generation LTPS AMOLED production line (G6 LTPS AMOLED) in Wuhan, successfully lit AMOLED products.

This light is rigid and flexible AMOLED products, which marks the Tianma G6 LTPS AMOLED production line to become China's first success lit 6th generation AMOLED line! At the same time, the production line is also the world's first light rigid and flexible display of the 6th generation AMOLED production line!

Starting from January 2016 G6 LTPS AMOLED Main Building Pile Foundation construction, all the project construction Tongren whether, defying high temperature flooding, with the industry's fastest construction speed to achieve the main structure of the factory cap ahead. Today, the Tianma once again creates the miracle of speed, refreshing the world's fastest lit speed record of the same-scale production line.

As a leading enterprise in the field of display, Tianma uphold the "innovation leading" development concept, the first in the domestic comprehensive layout of LTPS, AMOLED and other new display technology, at present, the company's technical level and capacity of production are in the domestic leading position.

As the next generation of new display technology, AMOLED has high contrast, excellent color performance, rapid response speed, ultra light, low temperature, ultra-low power, such as multiple unique technical advantages, and suitable for flexible display, transparent display, VR and other applications, now has become the mainstream of OLED technology development direction and began to enter large-scale industrialization applications.

In order to meet the arrival of the AMOLED era, 2010, the Tianma in Shanghai invested in the first 4.5 generations of the domestic AMOLED Test line, after years of exploration, successfully mastered the key technology and technology. 2013, relying on the experience of G4.5 AMOLED Test line, Tianma again cast a-5.5 generation of AMOLED production line, the production line has begun in 2016 to mobile intelligent terminal brand large customer output goods.

The LTPS technology, as the mainstream of AMOLED, plays a connecting role in the process of displaying the technological evolution. LTPS LCD and LTPS AMOLED technology and process have a certain degree of coincidence, have a strong synergy effect. Therefore, AMOLED technology will be with the LTPS technology to drive high-end display application of dual engines, while mastering LTPS technology and AMOLED technology display enterprises will occupy the commanding heights of the industry.

Tianma G6 LTPS AMOLED production line can not only produce advanced LTPS substrate, but also have a complete OLED evaporation, encapsulation and other core process capabilities, can support from rigid AMOLED, flexible AMOLED to flexible touch screen manufacturing, for smartphones, tablets such as mobile intelligent terminal products, VR, AR and other emerging market products, as well as smart wear, foldable equipment, etc. to provide high-quality AMOLED plane, curved surface display.

Tianma G6 LTPS AMOLED production line is lit, will further consolidate and enhance the company's competitiveness and leading position in the high-end display area, will also greatly enhance the overall strength of our strategic new display industry, improve our country in the high-end display field of independent innovation capacity and localization level, to promote China's panel industry progress and breakthroughs, to help Tianma achieve the world's leading!