To Challenge AMOLED, JDI Will Have Mass Production Of Soft LCD

To Challenge AMOLED, JDI Will Have Mass Production Of Soft LCD

Mar 14, 2017

Samsung led the OLED panel investment boom, the recent number of China's panel factory has announced the investment of soft AMOLED, the target in 2018 years after the mass production, the Japanese display (JDI) mining is not the same strategy, JDI in the development of soft OLED also use TFT LCD development Full Active Flex panel, rather than simply lock AMOLED, JDI plans to begin production in 2018 Full Active Flex flexible LCD panel.

The first application will be on the smartphone

IHS Markit pointed out that JDI announced in early 2017 that it has developed a technology called Full Active Flex, which uses a plastic substrate to achieve a flexible TFT LCD design, and JDI will first apply it to the smart phone 5.5-inch Full HD LCD panel, JDI and display samples at its technology show.

At present, AMOLED uses its advanced soft display design to lead the smart phone panel market, such as the Samsung Galaxy Edge series of curved edge display panel. Apple is also using AMOLED in its 2017 new iPhone.

In the mobile device market, AMOLED continues to challenge TFT LCD technology, Samsung Display (SDC) has occupied the AMOLED market for 10 years in the dominant position. 2016 Samsung AMOLED panel production capacity and shipments reached nearly 400 million, and in 2017 challenges more than 500 million.

For this, although many Chinese panel mills such as BOE, Tianma, Huaxing, Guocheng, and Hui, etc. announced to put AMOLED plant, the goal after 2018 years into mass production. However, due to the use of fine metal mask evaporation process, to achieve AMOLED production is quite difficult.