Touch Display Industry Analysis: Increased Investment In 2017

Touch Display Industry Analysis: Increased Investment In 2017

Feb 20, 2017

At present, the touch display is not what fresh technology, touch screen as a new man-machine interactive input mode display, compared with the traditional display, keyboard and mouse input method of touch screen input is more simple, direct and convenient. Faced with the shortage of labor, rising labor costs, and the industry is increasingly demanding on the skills of the staff to highlight the contradiction, as the development of relatively sophisticated touch display upstream and downstream industries, human resources is imperative. The next few years, AOI devices will certainly open up the situation in the touch display industry, ushered in an outbreak, and after the application of the industry to mature into other industries.

With the intelligent mobile phone as the representative of the touch shield industry in the outside world, is a tall on the industry, cool technology, glamorous appearance, capital chasing the object. 2017 analysis of the development trend of touch display industry as follows.

From the beginning of the second quarter of 2016, the Chinese touch display market has finally bottomed out, the industry to low-end production after the inventory liquidation for the whole industry to benefit significantly, price products to enter the recovery period at the same time, controlled release of production capacity, product quality has also accelerated the industry collective ascension, the touch display industry appeared rare continue throughout the year to improve the stable development period.

According to the tracking found by the favorable market attractive, touch display industry has become the center of many capital support. In the industry after a smooth ride in 2016, in the face of the outbreak of the performance will occur again in 2017, the parties have increased investor confidence in the display industry.

Embedded touch is now the industry such as display popularity, 3D integration, LCD OLED touch pressure to upgrade, flexible touch display products, intelligent and so on, ownership in front of consumer electronics giant market sales and market, product function can change with each appearance, are related to business industry the chain with a huge space for development.

Recently, the news came out of the supply chain, Samsung will be the next generation of the new flagship models, but also to join the 3D pressure touch function, integrated into the current touch display integrated AMOLED display module device. But before this, HUAWEI, ZTE, Android camp millet, Meizu other brands, has added a similar function, only limited in the Android system fragmentation and software optimization and other reasons, the brands are not in the 3D pressure touch application over the depth of the development.

Samsung long before 3D investment pressure touch technology, such as ZTE to provide pressure touch solutions Niudirui, Samsung have injected capital. With Samsung's flexible touch display integrated AMOLED display technology is mature, began to integrate the same mature 3D pressure touch technology into, you can further enhance the advantages of Samsung in the field of flexible display. Samsung's accession, no doubt in the Android camp, in order to enhance the user experience on the 3D touch pressure to make more breakthroughs, and further narrow the gap between the apple with a clear advantage.

The touch display industry after the previous decades after the full competition, technology and market highly mature, has been basically smooth productivity advantages. The touch panel display industry market survey analysis report that with the popularity of high generation production line, touch display industry will soon by the incremental market and stock market, local coexistence stage, once again turned to the overall stock market competition stage. In this process of transformation, technology updates will be the same as the upgrading of quality, the industry has become an excellent opportunity to bend overtaking.

More and more functions with other technology products integration, industry chain will be more and more long, product integration 3D pressure touch can be realized in shape and function, for the capital into the touch display industry chain, to provide more opportunities. In addition to the strong research and development capabilities of the software, the 3D pressure touch control technology is also related to the manufacture and assembly of the sensor. Because of the production and application of assembly process of the sensor, most of the processes and touch display the traditional production process compatible, 3D is expected to touch up the pressure, the existing touch display enterprises will immediately increase in 3D pressure on the investment capacity of touch products.

Industry forecasts, 3D pressure touch integrated into the existing touch sensor module which is likely to be the same as the previous full fit technology, 2.5D cover technology, etc., will become the industry is difficult to reverse the market. However, from the current industry situation, the upstream supply chain in the 3D pressure on the touch technology and resource reserves are slightly less, the popularity of 3D pressure touch, it is likely to break the existing pattern of touch display industry.

As China touch display parts manufacturing is one of the main positions, touch the world's largest processing base of 3D display module, touch pressure burst, will give Chinese the touch display industry to bring a new wave of growth, but also will be set up and prepare materials upstream manufacturers to further benefit, creating more business opportunities.

It is estimated that the future of China's 3D pressure will be equivalent to the size of the market size of the existing fully fit the market, and will continue to grow with the Chinese brand mobile phone, the total market capacity will continue to expand. If the absolute number of shipments from the point of view, the future of 3D pressure touch capacity will still be concentrated in the Chinese brands to digest. In a sense, regardless of how the shape of the touch display device changes, the number of functional integration, the future of the main battlefield of the main market competition is still the Chinese market.