What Measures SKYWORTH Will Take?

What Measures SKYWORTH Will Take?

Mar 07, 2017

Since the finish International Consumer Electronics Fair (referred to as CES),  the market for the discussion of the OLED has not stopped, whether users or manufacturers seem to have a higher interest in OLED.

At the same time, after SONY joined OLED TV camp, a large number of international traditional LCD TV manufacturers have started to adjust the direction of production, ready to use OLED screen update iteration of the traditional LCD TV in the past, it seems that OLED will become the new darling of the television industry in 2017.

OLED will replace LCD TV become the main force in the future

According to the survey, at this stage most of the traditional LCD users will face a very embarrassing question, whether the quality control level of traditional LCD TV will be more or less leakage phenomenon. Especially in sunny conditions, the worried pure black show level. But the OLED with the latest technology can solve this problem perfectly. The reason is that each pixel OLED itself can control light, do not need to cover the light like LCD TV, will not have the problem of light leakage.

At the same time as the latest technology of OLED in contrast with the traditional liquid crystal, whether it is contrast, color gamut, viewing angle, or the development of the cost of a lot better than the traditional lcd.

Now the international market situation changes, especially in the traditional LCD TV manufacturers began to reverse the direction of development of OLED, from the initial LG of the first force, to change the attitude of SONY recently, the development of increasingly mature OLED will naturally become the top manufacturers.

Since the 2016 notice of the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of industry and information technology on supporting OLED Technology issued, the domestic market has also been seen in the OLED screen has the characteristics of flexible, lightweight, high refresh rate to respond to the call of the country to the development of new technology, so it has become the mainstay of future OLED is represent the general trend to replace the traditional LCD TV.

Establish industry benchmark

Now China's color TV market is flooded with three parties, namely, domestic brands, joint venture brands and new Internet brands. The domestic brands and joint venture brands for a long time with technical wrestling, trying to occupy the high-end market share Chinese.

With the trend of industry turn to new technology, as experienced traditional TV brand SKYWORTH, well aware of the emergence of OLED significance for the TV industry, which represents a number of new consumption hot spots will appear, the more one step ahead of a Chinese brand in the most representative OLED manufacturers.

Since involved in OLED TV in 2013, SKYWORTH announced in 2015 before the official mass production of OLED 4K TV, after 2016 released the world's first AR smart TV and SKYWORTH organic OLED TV, OLED TV "M1 China first self-developed again until the end of the year officially released". It is time for the SKYWORTH OLED technology innovation, to promote the domestic TV show the development of the determination, but also expressed a SKYWORTH fully owned domestic OLED TV cutting-edge technology qualification, also showed that SKYWORTH has a strong technical background as well as its representative status in TV technology.

Research for many years in the field of OLED SKYWORTH, in order to break the technical problems, but also the same as the Chinese brand panel makers BOE and HUAWEI Hass chip manufacturers jointly developed the core technology of television, and a breakthrough in 2016 on the screen and TV chips, push out Chinese first self-developed OLED TV, in the continuation of the "Chinese" miracle at the same time, but also for the domestic color TV industry in the next iterative upgrade ready in advance.

Create a complete audio-visual product chain

The Internet and smart TV popularity, make TV products to a new stage of development, which makes the screen quality products such as hardware technology, we need high quality display content to collocation, especially in recent years, HDR technology has swept through the television industry, the future more and more contents of HDR also need to end an adaptation of the wonderful TV show.

In recent years, the technology continues to break through the same determination SKYWORTH will continue to enrich the content, to ensure that the user's viewing experience has been greatly improved.

SKYWORTH is the first loading creative decision will reach 5.1 channel perfect decoding JBL speaker to their own research and development of "S9I", obtain excellent audio-visual experience in the enjoyment of HDR sources at the same time. At the same time, still using the obtained RTD2999 chip Dolby technology certification, the chip can not only decode the ordinary "HDR10" specification of the source, can decode higher specification using Dolby Vision standard HDR sources, more space to expand in obtaining the content, a complete integration of the whole industrial chain HDR.

If the OLED layout shows that SKYWORTH as the sensitivity of the old TV manufacturers of new technology, so from the content of the perfect integration of hardware and software products, SKYWORTH's experience as the leading product of thinking to overstating the user strongly reflects the.

To shape the core competitiveness of enterprises

Witnessed the history of China's color TV industry, the domestic brands can be described as the quality of the word has a special feeling. Since the reform and opening up, with SKYWORTH as the representative of the domestic TV brands always adhere to high quality products to make hundreds of millions of families, and to let people from the different countries and enjoy the wonderful life of digital audio-visual and fun ideas, working on cutting-edge technology industries, with the intention of the best products to service consumers.

Today, when the Chinese color TV industry in a long time in a disorderly price war, can not be forgotten is that there are still some traditional brands still adhere to their own spirit of craftsman".

Thus, when SKYWORTH group president Yang Dongwen spoke on the market now disorderly price war is to say: "I think to do business, SKYWORTH is to choose a certain pattern, I believe that each have their own characteristics, each have their own advantages, enterprises do not run 100 meters, is a marathon." This attitude to adhere to the quality of the formation of industrial advantage is also the spirit of several generations of SKYWORTH has been adhering to the spirit.

We should believe that in nowadays TV market is still in the wilderness battlefield embarrassment, China TV industry more urgent need to form a more reasonable order to guide is on the verge of runaway market, the SKYWORTH play OLED banner, is a forward-looking layout, highlighting the unique spirit of Chinese brand.