What's The Impact On LCD Market?

What's The Impact On LCD Market?

Mar 06, 2017

This year due to the cost of raw materials, such as LCD TV and other TV brands have the inflation in price. On the contrary, as the most high-end flat-panel TVs OLED TV prices have begun to appear signs of loosening.

It is understood that since 2014 in the SKYWORTH brand thrust, OLED TV is the most high-end products to become the representative of user acceptance in television, after more than three years of market cultivation, consumers of OLED TV display by There is nothing comparable to this. Although currently in the sale of OLED TV product line is very rich, the depth of the channel to the two or three line of the city market, but the high price is still the main reason for consumers to keep watch.

In fact, since since the launch of OLED TV market, with the effect of technology breakthrough, panel yield improvement and expansion of the scale, the falling cost of pricing has experienced huge change in three years. To LG in 2013 the first 55 inch 4K OLED TV as an example, the market price of $14000, and now the price has dropped to 14000 yuan, with simple exchange rates after that just three years OLED the actual decline of up to seven times. Since the price of SKYWORTH OLED TV is also listed to maintain the trend of the trend of becoming the people, and now gradually entered the main selling price range.

With the confirmation of price increases in LCD TV market this year, the market began to doubt the price of high-end OLED TV will not lag down or even a recovery boom?

In December 14th last year OLED industry summit, President of SKYWORTH group of TV division Liu Tangzhi said 2017 will usher in the outbreak of the OLED industry, and SKYWORTH is ready to have a substantial adjustment of retail price movements in OLED television recently.

Liu Tangzhi in an interview with the home appliance network confirmed the above speculation, he determined that a variety of conditions for the outbreak of the OLED TV has been fully equipped, only SKYWORTH horn blowing. HEA data from market research firm IHS predicted that, OLED TV accounted for 50% of the share of high-end TV market in, in the year 2017 will become an important turning point in the global OLED market growth.

From the industrial chain, OLED product technology maturity and market perception, OLED outbreak conditions are basically, if you still owe a Dongfeng, it should be the price of loose". Liu Tangzhi believes that SKYWORTH on the OLED has been unremitting promotion, in view of the industry chain more and more brands to join the OLED camp, such as the upper panel factory such as BOE, Huaxing Power invested in filling OLED panel production line, and Hass chip custom development also joined the domestic high-end TV tide, break the China local TV OLED lack of independent intellectual property rights situation.

The yield of the product and the cost of the market are most concerned, SKYWORTH and LGD in continuous efforts, three years has a OLED panel good rate and LCD pulled up to the same level. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of technological progress and scale, the cost of a single drop is very obvious, which gives OLED to expand market share, to seize the LCD cake provides accelerated protection.

Benefit from SKYWORTH's mature experience in the domestic market for the entire channel, three years from the OLED luxury consumer groups to cover the online high-end crowd, and covering the next tier of the market to increase consumer contact area and opportunities for the two or three.

"From the first month of this year, the domestic OLED TV sales data, SKYWORTH brand sales accounted for nearly half," Liu Tangzhi said, "the recent SKYWORTH is considering to take some radical strategy in the market level, do not rule out soon in the price to do some adjustments to repay the majority of users, but the specific amplitude is also waiting for the market research and market analysis then announced the implementation of. But it is clear that consumers will really feel the arrival of the OLED era this year."

According to the comprehensive analysis of the latest sources, SKYWORTH lowered to the high-end OLED products prices under the flag before the end of March this year, breaking the first to appear in the online shopping side will become a high probability event.