1.46' 128X128 FCOLED Organic Led Manufacturers OLED Display Panel

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Product Details

‐ Small molecular organic light emitting diode.
‐ Color: 262K color and 65K colors
‐ Panel matrix: 128*128
‐ Driver IC: SSD1351
‐ Excellent quick response time.
‐ Extremely thin thickness for best mechanism design: 1.61mm
‐ High contrast: 2000:1
‐ Wide viewing angle: 160
‐ Strong environmental resistance.
‐ 8-bit 6800-series Parallel Interface, 8-bit 8080-series Parallel Interface, Serial Peripheral Interface.
‐ Wide range of operating temperature: -40 to 70 °C.
‐ Anti-glare polarizer.

1. Dot Matrix 128 (W) x (RxGxB) x 128 (H) dot
2. Dot Size 0.0435 (W) x 0.1855 (H) mm2
3. Dot Pitch 0.0685 (W) x 0.2055 (H) mm2
4. Aperture Rate 57 %
5. Active Area 26.279 (W) x 26.284 (H) mm2
6. Panel Size 33.5 (W) x 33.5 (H) mm2
7. Panel Thickness 1.42 ± 0.1 mm
8. Module Size 33.5 (W) x 49.83 (H) x 1.61 (D) mm3
9. Diagonal A/A size 1.46 inch
10. Module Weight 3.96 ± 10% gram
* Panel thickness includes substrate glass, cover glass and UV glue thickness

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