5'' 480*854 IPS LCD With Capacitive Touch


General Specification

NMLCD-500073B0-CTP is a 5'' TFT LCD with 480*854 resolution with a capacitive touch panel (optical bonding).

ItemStandard ValueUnit
LCD TypeNormally Black
Drive Element
TFT Active Matrix
Number of Pixels480*3RGB(H)*854(V)Dots
Pixel ArrangementRGB Stripe
Pixel Pitch (W*H)0.1284(W)*0.1284(H)mm
Active Area61.362(W)*109.53(H)mm
Viewing DirectionAll O'Clock
TFT Driver ICST7701S
TFT InterfaceMIPI Interface
Module Size (W*H*T)66.46(W)*120.05(H)*2.05(D)mm
TP Driver ICFT5436
TP InterfaceI2C
Storage Temperature-20~70
Storage Temperature-30~80

Product Picture


5'' TFT LCD Full Viewing Angle with Optical Bonding Capacitive Touch


5'' 480*854 Vertical LCD with Capacitive Touch Panel


5'' 480*854 IPS LCD with CTP Full Bonding

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