FT81x Series - Display, Audio And Touch Graphics Controller ICs

Building on the success of the first generation of FT80x touch display controller ICs with Embedded Video Engine (EVE) technology, the series has now been extended to include a further four graphics controller devices which offer a plethora of improvements and extended capabilities, the FT81x series. The FT810, FT811, FT812 and FT813 provide increased pixel resolution for sharper imagery, increased speed for faster data transfer and image/video loading, and larger memory capacity in order to create advanced, dynamic and sophisticated Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs).

Product Details

Key Hardware Features

◇ Maximum screen resolution increased from 512 x 512 pixels to 800x600 pixels

◇ Colour depth increased from 18-bit to 24-bit (FT812 and FT813)

◇ Extra large ROM fonts added

◇ Orientation switching support added with REG ROTATE and CMD SETROTATE

◇ Object memory increased from 256kBytes to 1Mbyte

◇ Master clock frequency improvement - REG PCLK can now be 1

◇ Smooth back-motion JPG encoded AVI video playback

◇ Multiple 16/32 bit colour palettes supported with transparency

◇ L2 format supported for efficient DXT1-style bitmaps

◇ CMD MEDIAFIFO specifies an area of main memory to use as a FIFO for JPG, AVI and PNG loading

◇ Multiple numeric formats supported including binary, octal, decimal and hex

◇ Simplified font loading with CMD SETFONT2

◇ MCU interfacing via SPI, Dual SPI or Quad SPI options

The FT81X is a series of easy to use graphic controllers targeted for embedded applications to generate high-quality Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs). It has the following features:

◇ Advanced Embedded Video Engine (EVE) with high resolution graphics and video playback.

◇ FT81X functionality includes graphic control, audio control, and touch control interface.◇ Pinout backward compatible with FT800 (FT810) and FT801 (FT811).

◇ Support multiple widgets for simplified design implementation.

◇ Built-in graphics operations allow users with little expertise to create high-quality displays.

◇ Support 4-wire resistive touch screen (FT810/FT812).

◇ Support capacitive touch screen with up to 5 touches detection (FT811/FT813).

◇ Hardware engine can recognize touch tags and track touch movement. Provides notification for up to 255 touch tags.

◇ Enhanced sketch processing.

◇ Programmable interrupt controller provides interrupts to host MCU.

◇ Built-in 12MHz crystal oscillator with PLL providing programmable system clock up to 60MHz.

◇ Clock switch command for internal or external clock source. External 12MHz crystal or clock input can be used for higher accuracy.

◇ Video RGB parallel output; configurable to support PCLK up to 60MHz and R/G/B output of 1 to 8 bits.

◇ Programmable timing to adjust HSYNC and VSYNC timing, enabling interface to numerous displays.

◇ Support for LCD display with resolution up to SVGA (800x600) and formats with data enable (DE) mode and VSYNC/HSYNC mode.

◇ Support landscape and portrait orientations.

◇ Display enable control output to LCD panel.

◇ Integrated 1MByte graphics RAM, no frame buffer RAM required.

◇ Support playback of motion-JPEG encoded AVI videos.

◇ Mono audio channel output with PWM output.

◇ Built-in sound synthesizer.

◇ Audio wave playback for mono 8-bit linear PCM, 4-bit ADPCM and µ-Law coding format at sampling frequencies from 8kHz to 48kHz. Built-in digital filter reduces the system design complexity of external filtering.

◇ PWM output for display.

Performance Improvements

◇ Performance Improvements

◇ 500-1000 times faster JPG loading

◇ Pixel clock drawing increased from 4 to 16 pixels per clock

◇ Fetch cull primitives per clock boosted from 1 to 2

◇ Quicker Firmware memory operations (e.g. copy, fill, CRC) due to tuned inner loops

◇ CMD SNAPSHOT hundreds of times faster

Product Information


FT81x IC with 18-bit RGB, resistive touch control, 48 Pin VQFN


FT81x IC with 18-bit RGB, capacitive touch control, 48 Pin VQFN


FT81x IC with 24-bit RGB, resistive touch control, 56 Pin VQFN


FT81x IC with 24-bit RGB, capacitive touch control, 56 Pin VQFN


Application Areas

◇ Point of Sale Machines

◇ Multi-function Printers

◇ Instrumentation

◇ Home Security Systems

◇ Graphic Touch Pad e.g. Remote, Dial Pad

◇ Tele/Video Conferencing Systems

◇ Phones and Switchboards

◇ Medical Appliances

◇ Blood Pressure Displays

◇ Heart Monitors

◇ Glucose Level Displays

◇ Gas Chromatographs

◇ Power Meter

◇ Home Appliance Devices

◇ Set-top boxes

◇ Thermostats

◇ Sprinkler System Displays

◇ GPS/Satelite Navigation Systems

◇ Vending Machine Control Panels

◇ Elevator Controls

    ...and much more!